NBC Picks Up Comedy Pilots From Mike Schur, Sean Hayes


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NBC has picked up four comedy pilots to consider for series pickup for the 2018-19 season, the broadcast announced Tuesday.

The comedy pilots include a pair of sitcoms from executive producer Sean Hayes: LIKE FAMILY, from executive producer Sean Hayes and writer Suzanne Martin, following a pair of foster siblings who find their relationship complicated by adulthood, and Greg Malin’s SO CLOSE, about a pair of would-be soulmates who live blocks away from each other but keep choosing the wrong partners.

The also picked up Mike Schur’s ABBY’S, following the quirky regulars who frequen an unlicensed bar in San Diego, written by Josh Malmuth, and FRIENDS-IN-LAW, from Brian Gallivan, about two polar opposite guys who must learn to coexist when their respective best friends get married.

All four are multi-cam.

See all the details of the pilots below and be sure to check out our complete pilot guide to see what every has picked up so far.

Studio: Warner Bros.
EP/W: Brian Gallivan
EP/NW: Tom Werner
Logline: Brian and Jake are polar opposites who must quickly figure out how to coexist when their respective best friends decide to get married.

Studio: Universal , Hazy Mills
EP/W: Suzanne Martin
EP/NW: Sean Hayes
EP/NW: Todd Milliner
Logline: Aubrey and Artie formed the tightest of sibling-like bonds growing up together in foster care, but are discovering that such closeness makes adulthood even more complicated.

Studio: UTV, Fremulon, 3 Arts
EP/W: Josh Malmuth
EP/NW: Mike Schur
EP/NW: David Miner
Logline: Abby’s is an unlicensed bar in San Diego where the regulars enthusiastically enforce a unique set of rules that give them a sense of community and allow them to avoid the frustrating behavior found at other establishments.

Studio: UTV/Hazy Mills
EP/W: Greg Malins
EP/NW: Sean Hayes
EP/NW: Todd Milliner
Logline: At crossroads in their separate lives, hopeless romantics Riley & Kyle are close to settling for the wrong partner, unaware that they live only blocks apart and may be each other’s soul mates.


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