Neal McDonough Set to Play One Bad Ass Mutha– Against Kevin James’ Paul Blart



has signed on to star as lead-baddy opposite Kevin James in the upcoming action/comedy sequel PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2. The film, which is following up its $184 million globally earning predecessor, will once again follow the exploits of everyone’s favorite bumbling mall cop Paul Blart. McDonough, who is currently coming of a lead role in the short-lived “Mob City” is perhaps most well know for his role of Buck Compton in the Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks produced mini-series “Band of Brothers”. While McDonough has starred in a handful of film and television projects since ‘B.O.B’ premiered in 2001, they always seem too small, or short-lived. Which is a shame, as McDonough himself is a genuinely nice guy. But his project selection over the past decade could have used a few more ‘do-overs’. Lets hope ‘PB2’ is  step in the right direction for him.

McDonough will be joining the already mentioned James, as well as Nico Santos, Molly Shannon, and Nicholas Turturro amongst others in the film, which has director Andy Fickman at the helm. His role is said to be that of a comedic take on ‘George Clooney’, as the man behind a massive Vegas heist on the weekend Paul Blart is attending a security guard expo. From their, one can only assume hijinks ensue.

McDonough is repped by and .



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