Neil Gaiman Developing Fantasy Series “The Building” at Fox Based on “Parallels” Film


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British author is teaming with company Angry Films to develop a new fantasy series called  for Fox, with 20th Century Fox as the . The series is based on the digital film Parallels, written and directed by , and hailing from Fox Digital Studios. Leone and wrote the series.

The original film and this new series focus on a skyscraper that movies between alternate realities on Earth, including a universe where Ronald Reagan was never elected and Russia dropped a nuclear bomb. In the series, the origin of the skyscraper, including who built it and why, will be explored, as well as how the people trapped in the building can return to their own Earth.

Gaiman, Leone, and Kim will all executive produce the series, with the latter also serving as showrunner as part of his deal with Fox . Don Murphy and Susan Montford of Angry Films are also set to produce.

Gaiman is the award-winning author of beloved like Stardust (turned into a film by director Matthew Vaughn), Coraline (which became a stop-motion film in 2009), American Gods (airing on Starz next year as a series), the graphic novel series Sandman, and more. He’s also written various screenplays, including Mirrormask, Beowulf, and the upcoming The Black Hole for New Regency Productions.

Besides Parallels, Leone directed the Yahoo! series Suit Up and is writing the screenplay for the upcoming film Jack Vs. Future Jack.

Kim has written for the shows Leverage and Nikita in the past and currently writes for and executive produces Sleepy Hollow.

Gaiman is repped by , in the U.K., and .
Leon is repped by and .
Kim is repped by ICM.

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This news was first reported by Deadline.


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