Netflix Wins Multi-Studio Auction for Launch Pad Winner Dennis Curlett’s ‘JUST. ONE. KISS.’ – Exclusive


After a doozy of a week in a heated auction, Netflix has come out victorious winning the new romantic comedy spec JUST. ONE. KISS. from Launch Pad alum Dennis Curlett! Dylan Clark Productions VP Brian Williams brought it in and will serve as producer alongside Lit Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner.

Previously titled THIS KISS, Curlett’s project was one of the winning scripts in our most recently announced Launch Pad Feature Competition, earning rave reviews on its way to landing with agency Verve and management company Romark Entertainment – the representation team behind a number of high profile Launch Pad projects over the past few years including MARIAN with Margot Robbie, Amy Pascal and Donald De Line, MATRIARCH with Douglas Wick at Paramount and most recently LP Alum John Wikstrom’s AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) with Assemble Media and director Zelda Williams.

The script is best described as a magical romantic comedy in the vein of 27 DRESSES and GROUNDHOG DAY. The story centers on a 30-something unlucky in love interior designer Casey, who after being caught lying to her mother about being engaged, wakes up the next day to discover she suddenly has the ability to see the entire lifespan of any potential relationship with just one kiss. Our readers highlighted the script’s “creative twist on the romantic comedy formula” and noted how it “takes full advantage of its light fantasy trappings to explore new angles on relationships with humor and heart.”

Curlett is a writer, director, and comedian who performs regularly at the UCB Theater and The Clubhouse. In addition to this success, Dennis has had his work featured in the Nicholl Fellowship, PAGE Awards, and Scriptapalooza.

The script lit the town on fire when it hit the market, forming packages from all over, including Lynn Harris, Shawn Levy, and Margot Robbie with territories like Paramount and Universal. Ultimately, it was Dylan Clark, Lit Entertainment and Netflix who won out and secured the project.

Curlett is represented by David Boxerbaum of Verve, Dash Aiken and Rock Shaink of Romark Entertainment, and attorney Will Jacobson of Goodman Rosenthal.

Dennis joins over 400 success stories through the Launch Pad since our competitions began just six years ago.

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