Netflix Wins the Ryan Reynolds & Michael Bay Spec Package “Six Underground” with a Record-Setting $125 Million Commitment



Netflix has won the $125 million dollar spec package from the Deadpool & Deadpool 2 writers and . The package will re-team the duo with Deadpool star and bring aboard blockbuster director .

The package, which originally hit the market earlier this year, originally brought aboard in March when it was announced Six Underground (previously titled 6 Underground) would be one of his next two films alongside Robopocalypse. But, it was the re-teaming with Reynolds, alongside a monstrous box office weekend for Deadpool 2 that stirred the studio and financing frenzy. We hear several bidders had come in near or matching Netflix’s proposed buy and budget, but ultimately the team, alongside producers , and of chose Netflix for their agreement to their budget and shooting schedule.

The $125 million dollar commitment from Netflix sets the record for a spec package, a record that was also previously set by Netflix just two years ago when they committed $90 million to the Will Smith, David Ayer, Max Landis spec package for Bright. Netflix will co-produce the film with which will begin shooting this Summer, with a planned released date for 2019.

Reynolds, Bay, Wernick & Reese are all represented by WME who packaged the project.

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