New Line Is In Talks To Acquire “The Disaster Artist”



New Line is in negotiations as we speak to acquire ’s , which explores the making of one of the worst films of all time, The Room. In a meta move, Franco will direct and star as Tommy Wiseau, the man who directed and starred in The Room. , , and are all producing, and as we reported earlier, Rogen has been in talks to join the film’s cast.

The Disaster Artist is based on the book of the same name by and The Room star (who will be played in the film by ), and explores working through an entire with an enigmatic character like Tommy Wiseau, who had no experience in film, trying to write, direct and produce.

The Room follows Johnny (Wiseau) as his life falls apart when he discovers that his best friend Mark (Sestero) has slept with his wife. The film had an initial release in LA, but had horrible attendance until people started having midnight screenings to celebrate how terrible it is.

New Line’s deal is being handled by Good Universe, who was just involved with Rogen and Goldberg on the upcoming holiday comedy, The Night Before.


Lance Boyle | Staff Writer

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