Newcomers Toria Sheffield and Monica Byrnes Going Out with Hot New Female Action-Comedy Spec



Paradigm is out with a brand new spec hot on the market, the currently , as they continue to seek meeting the demand for more female-driven stories. From comedy and , the Tracking Board has learned the spec is going out to the top territories, with plenty of excitement surrounding the project.

In the vein of The Heat, the story follows two overzealous female FBI agents who go undercover — as men — in order to bring down a male-dominated domestic militia group, and in the process discover more about their true selves than they ever imagined.

The project enters the popular space of female-led comedies, from Paul Feig’s extensive slate, to upcoming films like Rough Night and Girls Trip, both coming out this summer. Beyond the current success of Wonder Woman, the call for a commitment to more female-led , both in front of and behind the screen, has been happening for the last several years, which is certainly part of the appeal for this film.

Currently, the spec is going out to 20th Century Fox from Peter Chernin, Fox 2000 from Karen Rosenfelt, Screen Gems from Barry Josephson, Paramount from The Montecito Picture Company, and Universal (Girls Trip) and Sony (Rough Night) from Original .

Sheffield is a writer whose work has been featured on the HuffPost Blog, Bustle, HelloGiggles, Reductress, and more. Her awards include Gold Prize for Feature Length in the 2015 Page Awards, Finalist in the 2015 Big Break Screenwriting Competition, Second Rounder in the 2013 Austin Fest, and Grand Prize winner in the 2012 World Awards.

Both Sheffield and Byrnes are repped by David Boxerbaum and Valarie Phillips of .

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