NEWFRONTS: Smosh Continues to Drive the Future of Defy Media


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New media company Defy Media is continuing to expand with its in-house brands as it announced three new titles from flagship brand Smosh. Defy’s other most popular brands include Clevver and ScreenJunkies, who both presented new series for 2017 as well.

Smosh was formed by creators and friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla back in 2003 and his since expanded to sister channels Smosh Games, ElSmosh, and Shut Up! Cartoons. In early 2016, they released the coming-of-age sitcom Part Timers which starred Hecox and Padilla and took place in a fictional children’s arcade and pizza place.

For 2017, Smosh’s new series include Not Quite Cancelled, a scripted comedy about a popular series that has jumped the shark; One Hour Song Machine, in which performers must create music videos inspired by random items in a box; and Operation: Open World, where Smosh Games stars Jovenshire and Mari to various events across the globe like Oktoberfest and Carnival. They will also bring back popular variety and sketch comedy show Smosh Live which debuted to a positive response from fans last year and the Smosh Winter/Summer Games, a monthlong competition featuring various events, including slip’n’slide kickball.

Take a look at the other series premiering on Clevver and ScreenJunkies below!


It Got Real: It Got Real is Clevver’s new docuseries that gives fans unprecedented access to the real lives of the hosts. In its premiere season, Clevver host and producer Erin Robinson takes viewers on her brave journey as she struggles with her recently diagnosed fibroid tumors.

Clevver Takes On: Almost everyday young women are faced with new real-world challenges that can be daunting as they grow older. How do you change a tire? What’s the best way to budget your finances? How do you negotiate your car lease? These are the type of questions our hosts tackle head-on as they seek out expert advice and teach viewers the step-by-step instructions for mastering the solutions.

Get Jacked: Get Jacked is Clevver’s energetic new show where fitness bucket lists are conquered and healthy living takes the spotlight. Each episode showcases a unique and adventurous workout guaranteed to entertain, educated, and elevate the viewer’s fitness game.


Galaxy Quest: A ScreenJunkies Documentary: In its first-ever full-length feature documentary, ScreenJunkies delivers an in-depth look behind the making of one of the most popular comedy science fiction films ever – Galaxy Quest.

Millennial Falcon: Hosted by Jenny Nicholson, Millennial Falcon offers up a deep dive into the Star Wars universe and all other things Disney, exploring breaking news and all of the nerdy minutia in-between.

FlickBait: FlickBait is the fun, weekly movie news round-up show that breaks down the latest headlines and gets viewers involved in the discussion. Hosted by the Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers writers, each episode revolves around “clickbait” headlines and is discussed in revolving segments by each host.

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