News From “Transformers” Writers’ Camp — An Animated Prequel Will Happen And Akiva Goldsman Is Ready For The Next Live-Action Film



After weeks spent in Paramount’s experiment in collaborative universe building, has come out with the bones of the fifth film in the universe. Another bonus to come from the collective bible of the toys franchise is a new animated film from writers and that looks to be a prequel.

Goldsman’s eventual script will be produced by and starring . It may also be the final film that will direct for the franchise.

The animated film will follow Goldsman’s, and will be about the life of the Autobots and Decepticons on their home planet of Cybertron. There are too many versions of the Transformers backstories to list, but the main uniting factor in all of them is that a civil war started on Cybertron, and the leaders of the opposing forces are Optimus Prime and Megatron by the time the war has escalated to the point where it spills over to Earth.

There are several other writers who were involved in the writing camp who all have three years in which Paramount can oblige them to work on a new Transformers project. This may prove beneficial for the franchise assuming that the ultimate goal of a universal bible for the robots in disguise has been completed, giving the writers a concrete world to work within.

Goldsman’s success with I, Robot and other films (including the recently announced adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series) shows that he can be fully trusted with both adapting previous works and creating fantastical worlds for film. He is repped by .

The idea of Barrer and Ferrari handling an origin story is promising, both to fans who have been waiting for a solid Transformers animated film since Unicron killed Optimus, and for & Paramount who can look forward to lower budget spin-offs and films as a goldmine for the franchise. Barrer and Ferrari are repped by and .


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