Nicholas Stoller Looks Forward To An “Uptown Saturday Night”



Warner Bros. has brought on to perform a rewrite on their script for the UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT remake, which has Will Smith and Denzel Washington in talks to star.

The film follows two estranged friends who have their wallets stolen at a nightclub, and set out to find them when they discover the following morning that one of their wallets contained a winning lottery ticket. Smith and Washington’s involvement in the film is dependent on if they are pleased with Stoller’s pass on the script. They would take the lead roles originally held by Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor. Smith will also produce with James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Stoller directed the comedies “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and its pseudo-spinoff “Get Him To The Greek.” He has also written the for “Fun with Dick and Jane” and “Yes Man.” His Seth Rogen and Zac Efron-led comedy “Neighbors” is coming out next.

He is repped by .



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