Nicolas Winding Refn Leaves “Barbarella” TV Adaptation, Wants To Direct “Batgirl”



Ever since Drive, has been in the forefront when it comes to visually brilliant, albeit somber, arthouse films with broken characters and who seem to enjoy staring blankly into an eyeline during the most pregnant pauses. His follow-up Only God Forgives left much to be desired while his latest stylish horror, The Neon Demon manages to impress a polarized audience. Most recently, he’s been developing many other including a adaptation of the classic fantasy sci-fi pic, Barbarella for Amazon, but recently said that the project has been scrapped.

In an interview on the Happy Sad Podcast, Refn has led us to believe that the remake is no longer happening saying, “Well, I don’t own Barbarella, the estate does, but I decided to be more interested in The Neon Demon.” He continued to say that there are certain things that are better left untouched and that “you don’t need to remake everything.”

But that’s not to say that Refn is discounting all remakes of culty material. He was once circling the remake Logan’s Run with his male muse Ryan Gosling rumored to star with Rose Byrne. And as of now, he is attached to remake the horror classic Witchfinder General for the big screen and is set tp produce a new version of the campy horror franchise Maniac Cop.

Logan’s Run, Witchfinder General, and Maniac Cop seem to be movies that fit into Refn’s repertoire: they’re genre-driven, have a strong cult following, have amazing visual possibilities, and, most of all, they are bizarre on some fantastical level. Which is why it is very interesting that he recently said that he would be interested in directing a Batgirl film.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Refn said that he would love to jump on the comic book movie bandwagon. And out of all characters in Marvel and DC, he said that the would love to work on Batgirl.

Considering he was rumored to have been in the running to direct Wonder Woman and that he imagined himself as a young girl moving to to become a model for The Neon Demon, maybe a 16-year-old girl becoming Batgirl isn’t too far fetched. A little odd maybe, but would you expect anything less from Refn?

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