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The adorable saga continues in the second episode of , “No Crying In Baseball.” Though this week’s episode was a bit toned down from the pilot in terms of both humor and stylization, the show’s writing and performances remain strong.


Watching this week’s episode, I couldn’t help but feel that, much like Evie and Xavier’s relationship, the show is still finding its footing. The story this week felt a bit less candy-coated, much like Evie’s life as she dives deeper into Xavier’s lifestyle. Deirdre, Evie’s socially-inept dragon-breath boss (played by the comical Amy Pietz), really shines in this episode, as she attempts to dive into Hank’s life as a love interest. But Timothy’s desperate attempt at getting Evie back is a bit pathetic. He doesn’t seem to offer any hint of competition for Xavier at the moment, even when Evie and Xavier’s relationship hits its first bump in the road as they struggle to agree on the situation of Xavier’s fugitive cousin, Jesse.

The show continues to offer us great, quirky and comical characters. We also get to see more of Evie’s sister and dad, who are also relatively quirky and comical. In fact, you could almost have a workplace comedy spin-off, based solely on the range of personalities in this show. “No Crying in Baseball” makes it clear, though, that the show is shooting for heart over humor. Instead of focusing the golden material the show has just waiting in Hank and Kareema, we learn a little bit more about Xavier – not enough to explain away his asteroid theory, but enough to know there might be a logical explanation behind why he’s so convinced this asteroid is going to hit Earth. Evie also makes discoveries about herself and how far she’s willing to invest herself in Xavier’s life.

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The show starts out with Evie, her nephew, and her sister. Evie is telling her sister all about Xavier. Her sister is fully supportive and tells her she’s happy that Evie is happy with this new guy. Evie goes and visits Xavier, only to find that Jesse is still there. Evie asks Xavier what Jesse is planning to do, and Xavier tells Evie that Jesse is going to live in Xavier’s basement. Evie is upset by this because she doesn’t want Xavier to get involved.

While digging through Jesse’s stuff, Xavier finds an old time capsule from their childhood. In it is a tape recording Xavier’s mom snuck into the capsule. Jesse finds a camcorder and Xavier starts to watch the recording, but can’t finish it. Evie asks Jesse about it the next morning, but Jesse tells Evie that she’ll have to ask Xavier about his mother. He also tells Evie that if she knew everything that Xavier had been through, she’d probably be every bit as crazy.

At work, Evie finds out the company has brought in an outside group to conduct evaluations and to lay off employees, due to a routine failure to meet sales and shipping standards. Evie is extremely nervous, but she’s distracted by Deirdre, who is doing everything in her power to attract Hank’s eye and not HR’s.

Evie asks Hank for relationship advice, and Hank reads into this, thinking perhaps there might still be hope for Timothy. He calls Timothy up, who races to Evie’s house to find out for himself if Evie is emotionally available. Evie, however, isn’t the least bit interested, despite her quips with Xavier.

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Xavier takes Evie and Jesse out to Deadman’s Cliff, to cross jumping from a high place into water off both their lists. As they’re leaving the camp grounds, a cop stops them for littering. All three are clearly panicked, but with the help of a wig, a broken nose (courtesy of Evie earlier in the episode) and a fake driver’s license for Jesse, they get away scott free. Evie is very upset by this, not just for her own liability but the well-being of both Jesse and Xavier. She more or less tells Xavier he has got to get his act together when it comes to his cousin.

Evie has her evaluation and passes with flying colors, but not before she gets the perfect idea to help Jesse at just about the same time Xavier gets the courage to finish the video of his mom speak. She encourages him to do right and change the world.

When they meet up, Evie tells him her plan to sneak Jesse onto a delivery truck heading to Canada, and Xavier and Jesse agree. As a thank you, Xavier buys nine washing machines from Evie’s dad, successfully helping him clinch the top salesman award at his work.

Will the show’s delightful airiness continue in the upcoming episodes? Will Timothy ever come across as anything other than pathetic? I’m looking forward to next week’s episode to find out!


Season 1, Episode 2 (S01E02)
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