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No Tomorrow

Reality starts to catch up with Xavier in , “No Debts Remain Unpaid.” Meanwhile, Evie gets a lesson in communication and Hank tries to develop his new-found attraction with Deirdre. And in a great development surprise no one saw coming (or maybe that was just me?), Kareema finds love – ahem, a complicated attraction.

No Tomorrow continues to defy the expected conventions of a romantic comedy. For one, the show has successfully expanded and rooted its supporting characters in their own winding love stories that we are just as invested in – if not more – than Evie and Xavier’s relationship. For another, the show has firmly proven that it is going to keep an open mind to openly representing all forms of sexuality – a feat that many shows have shied away from in favor of more conventional depictions of attraction and romance. I love that No Tomorrow has chosen this path – so far, the show has introduced two biracial relationships, explored a polyamorous relationship, and now introduced the possibility of a lesbian relationship. It leaves me to wonder what they’ll introduce next – maybe a biracial gay relationship? Or perhaps that’s too in-the-box for No Tomorrow.


The new relationship development in this week’s episode comes out of Kareema’s story. When her brother brings home his fiancee to introduce to the family, Kareema knows she’s going to have an adverse reaction, like she always does to all people. What she doesn’t know is that the adverse reaction isn’t that she hates her brother’s fiancee – it’s that she likes his fiancee, a little too much so. This is bad for Kareema at first, for obvious reasons. But when she gets roped into doing a spa as “bonding,” Kareema finds out that the marriage is just a green card marriage, and her brother is going through with it as a friend. So Kareema makes a move – or rather, her brother’s fiancee makes a move and Kareema goes with it. But Kareema’s hopeful budding romance with this new-found lover is cut short when she finds out that her brother actually does love his fiancee, despite the fact that it is just a green card marriage.

Meanwhile, Xavier’s in massive debt. He’s maxed out his credit cards, with no intention of ever paying them back, since, you know, the world is ending in seven months and all. It’s a fine plan (so long as the end is nigh) except that his cards have gone to collections, they’ve frozen his accounts, and the collections officers have tailed him to his house so they can repossess pretty much everything he owns. In the midst of all of this, he’s dealing with the possibility of reconnecting with his dad. When Xavier gets a letter in the mail from his father, he goes to burn it, but Evie stops him, saying that someday – maybe not now – Xavier might want to know what’s in the letter. By the end of the episode, amidst everything that’s happened, Evie finally convinces him that maybe it’s time to get closure, even at the risk of spiraling somewhat emotionally (which she reassures him he won’t, because he has her now).

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Speaking of spiraling relationship problems, Evie is trying to “repay” her parents for everything they’ve given her, from raising her to supporting her. This turns out to be a not-so-easy thing hidden inside a seemingly-easy-thing. Why? It seems that Evie’s father’s undiscussed decision to quit his and pursue acting has created a little bit of a rift between Evie’s mother and her father. Her mother, while stressed at the idea that everything they have is now in flux and angry that her husband did not discuss his decision with her before making it, does not want to confess her true feelings to her husband because “his aura is brighter than ever.” Evie recognizes that bottling up her feelings isn’t a very healthy way to handle her emotions, and so she tries to find safe spaces in which her mother might feel more encouraged to confess her true feelings. Of course this backfires and makes everything worse, and then Evie has to find a solution to fix the problem that she’s now amplified.


Over in Hank world, he’s switched off Deirdre’s desk so that he can pursue a more romantic relationship with her. He wants to find her “thing” – that thing that turns her on the way he’s turned on by her whispering in his ear. He’s pathetically bad at trying to figure it out until he Google-stalks her and discovers she’s a closeted romance novelist. Discovering that role play might be the key, Deirdre and Hank take their relationship to the next level. Oh, and Hank discovers that Timothy has started dating Fern and it’s going really well – possibly too well to actually end well, well, at least for Evie, you know what I mean?

Seriously, if you aren’t watching this show yet, stop what you’re doing and start! It’s a great companion to Jane the Virgin, and it’s just a fun, cute, ‘no expectations’ type of show. THIS is the romantic comedy the world needed after Friends was over. Check it out.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
No Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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