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No Tomorrow

Is the end nigh in , “No Doubt”? That’s the question Evie faces as she comes to terms with the fact that Xavier’s wholehearted belief in the apocalypse isn’t just an aspect of his personality she can skirt around. This week’s episode continued the strong voice the show has set up in its previous two episodes, and adds to it with an element of physical humor (at one point, a saddened Evie traipses down the street on stilts, like something out of Arrested Development) and strengthens the absurd character comedy already gifted to us.

At its core, though, the episode keeps its heart by bringing us back to the ups and downs of Evie’s and Xavier’s relationship. Evie is struggling with the fact that there is a good possibility that Xavier is actually insane. She wants him in her life, but she doesn’t want to be associated with his insanity. So she focuses her efforts on trying to prove his theory right or wrong. But at the end of the day, she discovers that the crux of their relationship isn’t about proving or disproving Xavier’s ideas – it’s about accepting who he is because of them.

No Tomorrow once again delivers laughs amidst a wild romantic ride. The eccentric personalities that surround Evie perfectly mirror the balance of chaos and assurance that Evie finds in Xavier. The show is dynamic and continues to be bundles of fun to watch.


Evie’s birthday is coming up, and her friends want to take her out for birthday drinks. Kareema suggests that Evie bring Xavier, but Evie’s not so sure – she’s still not confident about Xavier’s sanity, so she thinks it might be best to keep him separate from her friends and family. But he’s still loads of fun, which is why she agrees to go to a book with him. Except, this isn’t a book where they’re going to just sit and listen to the author speak – Xavier has other plans. He’s trying to get this author – one of the greatest minds in science – to peer review his theory and help him spread the word to the world that this asteroid is coming for Earth. Xavier catches Evie completely off guard when he springs to his feet in the midst of the book and is immediately recognized – this isn’t the first time he’s tried to do this, apparently. After Xavier is tasered and spends the night in jail, Evie decides it’s time once and for all to find out if Xavier is certifiable.

Evie enlists the help of Hank to find out what’s up with Xavier. Only, Hank can’t find anything at all – his internet stalking comes up with zilch. Xavier doesn’t have a cyber trail to follow. So Evie sets up a meeting between the two men, and Xavier winds up charming Hank. He’s smitten. Hank happens to mention Evie’s birthday party and lo and behold, when Evie shows up for her birthday drinks, it’s a party with the whole family, and surprise surprise, Xavier is there.

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This is Evie’s worst nightmare. Things could not be more stressful, or so she thinks. While Xavier is busy charming the pants off every friend and relative Evie knows, Evie is busy following him around to make sure he doesn’t scare people off with his apocalyptic ideas. All seems to be going surprisingly smoothly, though. Xavier even takes the entire party back to his house, where he has a huge romantic surprise for Evie: he’s got a birthday cake for every birthday she could have for years into the future, and the entire party turns into a food fight with them! It’s adorable, and romantic, and all in all winding up absolutely perfect…until Xavier gives the birthday toast and mentions the asteroid.

With Evie’s worst fears realized and her whole family thinking Xavier is nutso, Evie isn’t sure what to do. She gets upset at Xavier for bringing the asteroid up, but then he lays this truth bomb on her: his belief in the apocalypse is a part of who he is. It’s not something she can pick and choose. It’s just part of the package, and if she wants the package, she has to take all of it, not just some of it.

Evie is floored, and the two end the night on bad terms. Evie decides she doesn’t need Xavier to continue living her life to the fullest. She’s going to continue to cross items off her list, with or without him. But it’s not the same. Evie’s heart just isn’t in it without Xavier. So she goes back to him. Since his theory is based on mathematical calculations, Evie realizes they can prove or disprove his theory, if they find someone smart enough to run the calculations and willing to listen in the first place.

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So they corner the scientist/author yet again and ask her to hear them out. After much begging, she agrees to, and takes Xavier’s research to look over. Xavier is over the moon; finally, someone is going to help him tell the rest of the world what they need to know so they can start living their lives right! Except, as they leave, Evie sees her dump the research packet in the trash. Xavier is so ecstatic, however, that Evie doesn’t have the heart to tell him about what she saw.

Torn, she turns to her family for advice. With her parents’ help Evie realizes that it isn’t about proving Xavier wrong or right, it’s about acceptance. So she goes back to Xavier and apologizes. She tells him that even though they don’t have to agree on everything, she has his back. She’s even made brochures that the two toss from the roof of a building in a romantic attempt to spread the word about the apocalypse.

Oh, yeah, and the other character’s had funny storylines, too. But you don’t really want to hear about the new developments in project Hank E Pank E. You want to watch it! Just like I will be again next week, to find out what’s next in store for our couple before impending apocalyptic doom.


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
No Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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