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No Tomorrow

Actions speak louder than words in this week’s episode of , “No Regrets.” Evie visits a figure from her past in the form of a once-scorned high school best friend named Fern. In an effort to make up for a mistake she made ditching Fern and the Color Guard Co-Captain try-outs to become part of the “Volleyball Barbies,” Evie seeks out the long-lost friend to apologize. Meanwhile, Xavier is sent on a wild goose chase to hunt down a former maid he wronged when he stole a friend’s valuable baseball card.

The show remains really cute, and surprisingly less candy-coated than its predecessor, Jane the Virgin. But I have to tell you, I’m relieved the show is choosing to spend more time on Evie’s friends and her relationships with them, and not always putting her romance with Xavier on full-throttle, front burner. It was starting to feel a little stale, and there’s just too much comedy gold in the wacky character ensemble this show has to let it go to waste.

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“No Regrets” felt slightly more well-tuned and fine-balanced than the last couple of week’s worth of episodes, though there isn’t much to improve on with this show. Perhaps American audiences (or maybe just me) still don’t have quite the patience needed for a full-on rom com with no dimension other than the romance. Which is why it’s great that No Tomorrow has such an amazing character buffet to offer its viewers.

It’s nice too that we’re seeing some conflict that involves Evie and doesn’t involve Xavier. It’s refreshingly fun to know that we have a new tension to look forward to between the pairing of Evie’s ex-best friend from high school and her ex-boyfriend. It’s truly a breath of fresh air knowing that not all of the conflict on this show will be relationship conflict.

A lot of story happened in the confines of this episode. For one, the potential promotion Evie was hoping for is finally addressed, and *spoiler alert* she must choose between that dream and making amends with her ex-best friend. Xavier’s desire to move away from non-monogamy also comes up – and by the end of the episode, he’s finally confessed to Evie how he feels about it.

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We also meet Hank’s internet girlfriend and, to everyone’s surprise, she’s not a catfish but a paranoid weirdo, just like Hank. Unfortunately for Hank – but fortunately for Deirdre – there’s just no chemistry between him and this internet girl. They decide to just be friends, and Hank accepts that he is attracted to Deirdre and makes a move.

Also in this episode is the building blocks for a potential new love interest for Timothy and a rival for Evie in Fern. Of course, the two make up in this episode, but if Fern starts dating Timothy what will happen next? Is Evie completely over him? Or will she discover a bit of jealousy, especially when Fern has already taken her dream and wormed her way into Evie’s other friendships?

There’s some juicy storytelling going on here, and hopefully it will make for some new challenges in future episodes. This show has a tendency to wrap up storylines quickly, but this is a storyline that might be worth stewing. Only time and future episodes will tell, though.

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This episode also led Xavier to a therapist – not that he had any intention of actually having a session with this therapist – but his time spent chatting with her gives him the courage to finally confess to Evie how he really feels. Is this a one time visit to this therapist, or will we be seeing more of her in future episodes? It could be interesting to see what other sorts of issues Xavier needs to work out professionally. Perhaps this could be the solution to finally getting to the bottom of why Xavier has so whole-heartedly convinced himself the world is going to end?

There are a lot of good trajectories the series could pursue that start in this episode. It’s nice to see the show start morphing from more contained episodes that feel like little rehashings of the pilot into storylines with potential longevity. I would love to see what the writers do with these characters with a full season to play with. Here’s to hoping that gets to happen!


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
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