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Is it the end, or a new beginning for this week’s season finale of , “No Sleep ‘Til Reykjavik.” No official word yet from the CW as to whether or not the show will see a second season, but the chances aren’t looking great. Which is a disappointment, as this show still has so much story that could be told. That being said, this season finale – and sadly, potential series finale – achieves the impossibly difficult task of wrapping up a series in a way that could be both a season OR a series finale.

I am incredibly relieved that the show chose not to take the riskier path of leaving a cliffhanger ending in the hopes of maybe encouraging network execs to renew the show. Ironic, I know, that I should be glad that the show didn’t take a risk when that’s really what the whole show is about. But I can’t stand shows that don’t give their audiences some sort of satisfaction with the trajectory of the characters lives. Viewers – including myself – grow attached to these people, even though they’re fictional. When you invest so much time with a story, it’s just naturally going to happen. Audiences deserve some sort of closure, even if it’s open-ended closure.


Which is why I’m so pleased with this finale episode. “No Sleep ‘Til Reykjavik” gives us some goodbyes and some new hellos that allows viewers the satisfaction of knowing the answers to the bolder questions of the season – mainly, was Xavier right or wrong, and what would happen if he was right – while leaving the heart of the story open, both for the audience to imagine a happy ending, or, with luck, for the writers to launch into a second season. It doesn’t give us too much closure, but it leaves everything in a good place.

I am particularly in love with Evie’s journey in this episode. As I’ve mentioned throughout my season of reviews of this show, I’ve enjoyed the counterintuitive approach the show has taken to the typical romantic comedy tropes. I’ve really enjoyed the openness and modern depiction of love and relationships the show has also taken. But particularly, the show has been very careful about making sure that Evie is in charge of her decisions, and that those decisions are made because it’s what she wants, not what she thinks Xavier, or Timothy, or any other guy wants for her. That’s been very powerful, and a very refreshing take. In our current social climate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the changing social expectations and roles that men and women share, both in and out of relationships, and No Tomorrow reminds us that at the core of everything, we must keep our agency, and the rest will fall in place.


That’s what’s so great about this episode – Evie winds up on an unintended solo journey of self-discovery to Iceland, but she immediately embraces the adventure as such, and she clings to it with fierce determination. Even after she meets a totally charming fellow solo traveler on the plane – who she keeps running into again and again during her trip – she is one hundred percent okay with letting the opportunity and invitation to get to know him better slip through her fingers, because she knows that life isn’t about finding love, it’s about finding yourself amidst everything else.

When she returns from her trip, she locates Xavier, who has – after a really convoluted and roundabout journey that is very much an Xavier way to get where he needs to go – made his way to NASA, caught up the smartest scientific minds in the country on his theory, and is now on his way to DC to continue to brainstorm ways in which to prevent the end of the world. Xavier asks Evie to come to DC with him, but Evie hasn’t come to Xavier to rekindle their relationship, or even to yell at him for not joining her in Iceland. She’s come to thank him for helping her push herself to finally chase her dreams, and to let him know that she’s on her way to the Philippines to pursue a dream opportunity. It’s a happy goodbye, with a hopeful promise that, should the world not end, they’ll meet again.


Back in Seattle, the CyberMart gang is sending Evie off, and again it’s filled with hopeful and sweet goodbyes. While Evie’s been off exploring and witnessing the Northern Lights, things have been a little hectic at the Tacoma branch of CyberMart. Deirdre goes on a totally Deirdre-style campaign to make the warehouse healthy by banning all sugary drinks and sweets. Kareema takes advantage of this and sets up a sort-of speakeasy for soda to raise enough money to pay for a honeymoon trip, while Hank struggles between his own cravings, allowing his friends to be happy, and not making the mistake of not supporting Deirdre, ever again. In the end, though, Hank confronts Deirdre, and she confesses that she started the whole thing because she’s pregnant, and she wants them both to live long, happy lives in order to raise this baby. A strange, but befitting to the quirky relationship these two odd characters have.

In the end, the episode sends Evie off with – would you believe it – charming guy from Iceland, who has also fatefully been assigned to the Philippines for Doctors Without Borders. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Evie is immediately going to start a relationship with him, but the promise of a potential story there is left in the suggestion. Meanwhile, the rest of the world receives the announcement about the asteroid collision, which Xavier is in DC working to prevent. So what happens next? I’m still hoping for a second season so that we can find out.

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 13 (S01E13)
No Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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