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Things are not looking good for both in this week’s story and behind-the-scenes. The series was hoping to follow in the footsteps of previous critical darlings Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where awards nominations made up for the small live viewing audience. While No Tomorrow is an excellent dramedy, it hasn’t won over audiences or critics, causing the network to air the last few episodes of season one during the television dead zone of the holiday break. In the case of this week’s episode, that may be a good thing.

Last week, Evie learned that Xavier changed his name years prior after a series of arrests and confronts him about his problems with honesty. Xavier rights off the name change as something lots of people do that is isn’t worth getting upset over. His cavalier attitude hurts Evie, who tells him that she needs time to think about if she wants to continue seeing him. She tells Xavier to use this time to reach out to his father, whom he hasn’t spoken to in almost a decade.

It takes some time but Xavier eventually reaches out to his father and agrees to meet and discuss what happened years prior. Meanwhile, Evie drinks her sorrows away with former boyfriend Timothy, who wants to cheer Evie up when she throws away her “apoca-list.”

Back at the office, Hank is attempting to cover for a sick Deirdre with the fire inspector and Kareema is attempting to be a perfect customer service representative to impress the INS. Both of the storylines are as fun as usual every week but unfortunately, Xavier’s storyline weighs heavy over this week’s episode, leaving minimal time for the usual amount of fun antics.

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Evie continues to shine in “No Soup for You” as Timothy signs her up to join him in being contestants in their favorite show Grocers Blowout, where they compete for a cash prize and to not have soup poured all over them. By the end of the day, Evie sees Timothy for the more confident person he has become since their breakup and the two wind up horizontal on the couch. This storyline is another fantastic quirky, list moment for Evie but she is most reactionary in it as Timothy sets everything up for her to enjoy. Yes, Evie’s real arch this episode actually revolves around finding the perfect charity for her Cyberhugs. She manages to create her own and impress corporate, but the lightbulb going off for her is a last minute moment that deprives Evie of the proactive story she deserves.

The other downside to this new love triangle is that, as great at Evie is, Timothy should be with someone else! Evie has made it clear she is living in the moment making this hook up a no-strings situation, but Timothy has previously shown how much he misses her to the rest of their group. On top of that, Timothy is not the quiet talker we met in the pilot, and who I thought would never return. He has grown confident and ambitious, and that is largely because of his break up with Evie. Evie is not the same person she was when they dated either. Why would these people want to pursue eachother when they were previously totally fine with accepting someone in their insecure and weakened state? Xavier challenges Evie, the (manipulative and apparently evil) Fern pushed Timothy. What’s to stop both of them from falling into their old, insecure habits if they wind up together again?

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Xavier meets with his father, who he stopped speaking to after his mother was diagnosed with cancer and his father began an affair. Shortly after his mother passed, Xavier’s father married his mistress, Rose, who was also pregnant. The show had been building to this story point all year long as the two men took their initial steps towards a peaceful relationship but while it was important for the character Xavier to reach this point, I couldn’t help but feel like this episode was doing more set up for the final three episodes. It’s hard to know where the writers were when they could start to feel that the show would not get a season two order (which could still happen), but my guess was it shortly before writing this episode.

Xavier and Evie’s story is at its best when it is more episodic, each week checking off something fantastical from their lists, while their actions affect those around them like Hank, Kareema, and Evie’s family. This week, everyone was separated. Evie was with Timothy, Hank and Kareema were at work but rarely together, and Xavier was off with his dad. While Xavier’s story had a happy ending, the serious tone weighed down the episode and probably deserved to take place in a later episode (or a potential season two) after we spent more time with the character. The one benefit though of airing this episode in late December though was you could potentially miss this episode and it wouldn’t hurt your overall view of the season. The main tidbit to take away from this week is that Timothy will fight Xavier for Evie, which we all saw coming from the moment Xavier and Timothy became friends.

No Tomorrow is a fantastic show that everyone should be watching. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen that presents a strong, positive depiction of millennials without criticizing them (*cough cough* Gilmore Girls revival), in addition to being a fun series that tackles big themes. This episode was not “filler,” in fact it was necessary to clear the path for the final stretch of episodes. Here’s hoping that the show takes advantage and finishes out strong!


Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
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