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once again picks up the pace in this week’s episode, “No Time Like the Present.” The show ignites its plot with a new plan to save the world and a big surprise waiting for the CyberMart team. With solid story arcs this week, the show gears itself toward a solid season one wrap.

The show’s unique blend of quirky character and visual humor really hits the mark this week. No Tomorrow has always had a quieter comedy style, never laying the jokes on too thick. However, the last few episodes have felt more or less devoid of the happy joke equation that made the start of the season so cute and compelling to watch. Not so with this episode. The quirks of every character’s personality – particularly Evie herself – shine in this week’s episode.

The episode starts with Xavier in the frustrating quest for a way to save the planet from his asteroid while Evie and the Cybermart gang get the news that the Seattle branch will be closing, and everyone is getting reassigned to new warehouses. Evie lucks out with a short commute to the Tacoma branch, where she’s getting a title promotion and pay raise. Unfortunately the rest of the gang isn’t so lucky. Hank has been reassigned to Phoenix, Kareema to Detroit, and Deirdre has been given an assignment in Siberia.

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Xavier meanwhile hasn’t been able to disprove his theory, but he has discovered a way to stop the asteroid from hitting the Earth – as long as he gets a rocket launched into space within the next eleven days. After his cousin Jesse’s GoFundMe account fails miserably, Xavier decides to reach out to Corey Casey the only way he can – pretend to be Mr. Casey’s limo driver and try to discuss his asteroid theory with him. Unfortunately for Xavier, Corey Casey is an unreachable man, even in the backseat of his own limo – until Xavier discovers there is a hidden regret in Mr. Casey’s past that he hasn’t addressed, and Xavier decides to help him mend that old wound in the most Xavier way possible.

Speaking of Xavier-style problem solving, Evie comes up with an idea to keep the gang together by searching out Hank’s, Kareema’s, and Deirdre’s counterparts at the Tacoma branch and getting them to quit their jobs at CyberMart and pursue their passions. With three openings so close by, the three friends would then be able to keep their jobs and stick together. Evie sets up a story with the Tacoma HR rep about the four friends “observing” other branches, and the gang sets off to find their counterparts and investigate their passions. Soon enough, we’re meeting Hank 2.0, Kareema’s passionless counterpart, and Deirdre’s worst nightmare. It’s a hilarious combination of opposites, but with a couple epiphanies, Hank and Deirdre are able to secure openings for themselves at the Tacoma branch. Kareema’s counterpart is a bit more tricky. She’s a tough cookie to crack – she’s a cyberghost and she has zero passions. After resorting to stalking her, the four friends discover her performing a magic show at a secret bar with Clark, the HR rep. After mistakenly thinking her passion was magic and offering her an opportunity to be an apprentice to a famous magician, she confesses that no, she hates magic, but she has a thing for Clark. So, instead of securing a opening for herself at the Tacoma branch, Kareema helps pair the two up.

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While all of that is happening and the Seattle branch of CyberMart is closing, Timothy has sent off Xavier’s asteroid theory to be fact-checked by the very renowned scientist who refused to read the theory at the beginning of the season. He does this at the encouragement and connection of his new boss, a woman who seems like she might be the perfect fit for Timothy – something Evie has never been. When Timothy gets the math back from the scientist, unequivocally disproving Xavier’s theory, he immediately gives the paperwork to Evie who, after realizing Xavier is off the hook for the world ending, quits her (and subsequently puts Kareema up for the opening in her place) and gets ready to leave for Iceland after delivering the good news to Xavier. But Xavier isn’t so easily dissuaded. He wants time to look over the math and make sure the woman didn’t get something wrong. So Evie gives him an ultimatum: her, or the theory. She leaves his plane ticket with him and tells him that if he chooses her, to meet her at the airport.

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Of course, at the last minute, he spots an edit in his math that convinces him that he is, in fact, wrong. He gets Jesse to drive him to the airport, but it might already be too late. Even if it wasn’t too late, Jesse has drugged him, apparently with the intention of taking him to Houston to speak with a contact at NASA that Corey Casey gave Xavier, after Xavier helped Mr. Casey mend his past. This, of course, doesn’t mean great things for Evie and Xavier’s relationship, as she heads off alone – though go her for still going – but, as we immediately find out when Timothy finds the same scientist who supposedly disproved Xavier’s theory standing in his house, Xavier’s theory is, actually correct, and something needs to be done to save the world. So the moral of the story is, Jesse has actually probably just saved the world.

A lot happened in this week’s episode, but with some solid and enticing new developments, the show is gearing itself up for what should be a great season one finale. Here’s to continuing to hope for a season two renewal!


Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)
No Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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