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A lot of things keep happening in this week’s , “No Truer Words.” After failing a lie detector test and admitting to Xavier that she doesn’t like his food or his hair cut, Evie decides to take honesty for a spin and see where it gets her. First up: Hank, who is grieving the loss of his relationship with Deirdre.

Evie reveals operation “Hanky Panky” to Hank, who takes it as a sign that his relationship with Deirdre was more than a fling, and he might have a chance winning her back. He goes to her office to confess his feelings for her and tell her he wants her back, but Deirdre won’t have it. She broke up with him, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Disheartened, Hank leaves, but not before he sees a mysterious cowboy figure show up in Deirdre’s office with flowers and gives her a kiss on the cheek.


Meanwhile, Kareema is waiting out her brother’s five grieving stages that he goes through after every break up, before telling him that she is engaged to his now ex-fiance. This doesn’t feel like it will end well at all, but hey, at least his grieving stages are funny.

Evie on the other hand, still has quite a lot of things to take care of. At work, she’s investigating a mysterious five percent fee that’s been tacked on to each Cyber Hugs donation, in the hopes of eliminating the extra cost from the donation so that charities can fully use the money they’re given. At home, she’s dealing with the truth bomb that the prestigious scientist Xavier thought was and going to publish his research never actually kept his research in the first place. At first, Xavier is mad, but then he realizes that the reason Evie didn’t tell him about it right away was because it was nice not to have the doomsday talk 24/7. To make up for it, Evie goes to Timothy to see if he’d be willing to publish an article on Xavier’s theory.


While all of that is happening, Hank gets into Deirdre’s phone and discovers she has a personal meeting marked off on her calendar for later that evening. He drags Kareema with him, and the two follow Deirdre to find if this meeting is a date and who she’s going on it with. Sure enough, Deirdre is with the cowboy, but they aren’t doing your typical movie-night date; they’re at a ballroom dance class. Before Kareema can stop him, Hank crashes the class to Deirdre’s surprise. Hank and Kareema discover that the cowboy’s name is “RePete” – Pete, but he’s married and divorced Deirdre twice, hence the “re”. The worst part? He’s angling to be “Threepete” by proposing with he and Deirdre win the dance competition. Suddenly, Hank and Kareema find themselves entering a dance competition together.

Back at CyberMart, Evie’s uncovered some wild things. The five percent mystery fee is actually Fern illegally embezzling money. Her reasons for doing it aren’t entirely selfish, though it still seems crazy. But instead of directly outing her, Evie gives her a chance to make things right herself, before Evie goes to Deirdre. Meanwhile, Timothy’s editor wants him to spin the ‘crazy doomsday theorist’ angle on his story about Xavier and his meteor theory. When Timothy tells Evie this, she gets angry, not wanting Timothy to attack Xavier personally. Evie decides to go elsewhere to help Xavier spread the news, and Timothy tries to research Xavier to give him a more fair image in his article.

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At the end of it all (the episode – not the world) Hank and Kareema don’t win the competition (obviously), and though Kareema tries to sabotage Deirdre from winning, Repete still proposes and Deirdre says yes. Such heartbreak. Fern realizes that Timothy probably isn’t ever going to get over Evie, and, in the wake of having to face up to her embezzling, chooses to leave Cyber Hugs and Timothy altogether. Evie uses her access to the marketing tools at CyberMart to give Xavier a public crowd to talk to about the impending apocalypse, but instead, he uses it to spread a better message – live life now, as if you were going to die in six months. And Timothy uncovers Xavier’s secrets and has a confrontation with Evie. Woah.

This episode was full of a lot, but it was really well paced and so good to watch. I wish we could have had more time and tension between Evie and Fern, but I’ll be curious to know if, in light of this new with Xavier’s past, Timothy will have a chance with Evie once again. I’m also curious to see what will happen between Hank and Deirdre, and if there will be any explanation as to way she moved on so quickly. Overall, it was a refreshing and funny new turn in events and I’ll be excited to find out what happens next!


Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
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