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Things get a little triangular in this week’s , “No Woman No Cry”. With Evie and Xavier on the rocks, Timothy and Evie explore the rekindling possibilities of their past relationship. As usual, the episode brought the show’s typical quiet humor and managed once again to take typical rom-com tropes and twist them into unexpected ends.

I think one of the biggest questions we as viewers have had this entire season is “what’s going to happen when the apocalypse doesn’t happen?” In my mind, there were two big possibilities the show was steering us towards: either the apocalypse happens, or it doesn’t happen. The former is a much easier out and also much less interesting in the grand scheme of things. The latter is much more intriguing (and obviously, you wouldn’t have a show after the apocalypse hit, would you?). But the question remained, what would Xavier do when his prediction didn’t come true? What would happen to Xavier and Evie’s relationship? In this episode, we finally begin to see some of the groundwork being laid down for that inevitable end.

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Which brings me to my next question: Will we actually get the satisfaction of seeing that point? As of this episode, the predicted apocalypse is still five months away, and we’ve only got two more episodes to go before the cruel masters at the CW have planned to drop the curtain on season one – and possibly the entire show. What’s in store for the next two episodes? And if any of you out there know the people calling the shots at the CW, make sure to tell them Tasha asks that they renew this show!

Okay, now to actually focus on this week’s episode. Just to catch you up, if you’ve been lost in holiday festivities and missed last week’s episode, it ended with Evie and Timothy making out on her couch. This week’s episode subsequently started with Xavier showing up at Evie’s house unannounced, to tell her about his reconciliation with his dad and the epic distributing of his mother’s ashes in fireworks over an electric dam. It is at this vulnerable moment in Xavier’s exhilarated speech that Evie does the right thing and confess that she kissed Timothy. On purpose. Xavier is obviously shocked, but Evie reminds him that she’s currently not dating or attached to either of them. A little while later Xavier returns and tells Evie that he’s bowing out because he doesn’t want to be that guy. And so, Evie and Timothy start spending more time together.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Deirdre, Hank has unofficially taken over in planning her wedding. After Pete offers to take care of the planning for her, he dumps it all on Deirdre’s new assistant. Overhearing this, Hank helps Deirdre’s assistant get the details right. Speaking of weddings, Kareema tries to have hers at a courthouse and realizes that she doesn’t want to get married without her brother’s blessing. In a slightly cliched ending, Kareema works things out with her brother and gets his blessing, while Deirdre finds out that Hank is the one who did all of the planning for her wedding. Pete, who ran into Xavier while suit shopping, realizes he needs to stop repeating the same things over and over and actually go live out his dreams. This, along with Deirdre’s realization, is enough to make them call the wedding off. However, with the venue already decorated, the guests already in attendance, and Kareema already having her brother’s blessing, Kareema and her fiancée use the venue and get married in Deirdre and Pete’s place.

While all of this is happening, Xavier’s cousin Jesse shows back up – he’s cleared his name with a little legal testimonial. To Xavier’s surprise, Jesse has a lot of mature relationship advice to give him. He convinces Xavier that giving up on Evie and letting her go was the wrong thing to do, so Xavier crashes a date that Timothy and Evie are on, and subsequently the two get into a fist fight. Evie leaves, rightfully announcing that she’s not going to be the woman in the middle of a love triangle. Instead, she gives them two options: the three of them can either go their separate ways, or they can all act like adults and Evie will date both of them and see how things go. Timothy and Xavier agree to act like adults, and Evie and Xavier make plans to go on a date the next night while Timothy stays home and works on his article deadline.


The date goes well until the topic that’s keeping a distance between Evie and Xavier comes up. Evie tells Xavier that she doesn’t know how to continue their relationship if he can’t even consider a future with her – apocalypse or not. Once again she breaks it off with him, and once again Jesse has to knock some sense into him. While Xavier is getting his head on straight, Timothy shows up and tells Evie that, even though he believes they still wind up together, they just aren’t in sync at that moment. He asks her to come talk to him in five months when the apocalypse doesn’t happen. So I guess we’re putting a pin in that one for now.

In the end, it all turns out sweet, as Xavier confesses to Evie the hypothetical and statistically unlikely dream his has for his future. But what really mends their relationship is when Xavier realizes that the apocalypse isn’t freeing, but actually is condemning, because he wants more time with Evie, and she’s given him hope that his future could be happy. So he starts looking for scientists who can prove his research wrong.

This episode, like every episode of No Tomorrow, was cute. The best part of the show is it’s conscious decisions to steer away from the tropes of romantic comedy and take a more realistic view at relationships – even if the characters themselves are completely ridiculous and unrealistic themselves. Will the apocalypse be nigh before the season is over? Guess we’ll all have to watch the next two episodes to find out!


Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)
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