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It’s love for Evie (…and maybe Xavier?) on this week’s , “No You Say It First.” There are a lot of things happening in this week’s episode. Evie is still trying to get a on the CyberHugs team – and then she has to save the CyberHugs initiative altogether, Xavier is trying to win over the approval of Evie’s sister, Mary Anne, Hank and Deirdre are trying to remain professional at work, and Timothy is giving a ‘Steven Spiel’ (it’s like a TED Talk, only not copyrighted).  Oh, and Evie told Xavier she loves him, to which he didn’t reply…right away.

This episode had a few more gags in it than we’re used to seeing in this show. There was a particularly funny bit when Timothy is struggling to speak out during his Steven Spiel because of his shyness, and when Evie enters the auditorium he calms down (a typical trope seen many a time) but what’s funny is just when he’s getting into a groove and really rocking his Steven Spiel, he unexpectedly falls off the edge of the stage and gets stuck in a decorative barrier. Instead of stopping and trying to get out, though, he decides to just keep going with his Spiel.


Also guest starring in this episode is Hank and Deirdre’s “Sex Moat” – a five foot barrier they decide to instigate between themselves at work, in order to remain professional and not fall into the temptation to “fornicate” at work. This seems to be working for them – though there’s a lot of weird dirty talk to be made involving water imagery and medieval references at the mention of the phrase “sex moat”. They run into problems, however, when Deirdre is overheard by the founder of CyberMart, Corey Casey (or is it Casey Corey?), telling Hank to leave because she can’t be near him. Corey Casey assumes that Deirdre says she can’t be near Hank because he’s black, and racism is a huge no-no in company policy. Deirdre tries to tell Corey Casey that it’s just Hank, not all black people, but that makes it worse, because racism against one person is still racism. He signs her up for HR counseling with Hank, which means Deirdre will be stuck in a small room with Hank, their HR counselor, and their five foot sex moat.

Meanwhile, Xavier is trying to sell his art to make a little bit of money. He’s sold his house and used the little bit of money he got back from it to buy a camper to live in. It’s old, but nice – or will be, once he’s done with it. It’s actually kind of perfect for Xavier, because now he never has to live in just one spot. He can go anywhere! The mystery identity of an artist known as the Seattle Sidewalk Rain Poet also becomes an interesting detail in this episode. At the end, there’s the possibility that this artist is actually Xavier himself.

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Overall, though, the selling of the art thing isn’t working out as quickly or lucratively as Xavier would like. He finds out that Mary Anne actually needs her house painted, and volunteers to do it for significantly cheaper than what a professional painter would do it. This also kills two birds with one stone, as Xavier is convinced that Mary Anne doesn’t like him, and he wants to win her over for Evie’s sake. In typical Xavier fashion, however, he ignores her instructions to paint her house white with fuchsia trim, and paints it completely fuchsia instead. This blows up in his face when he just makes her angrier, and then her son calls Xavier fun and Mary Anne boring.

Meanwhile, Corey Casey has come to visit the Seattle branch of CyberMart. Evie has a plan to appeal to him about letting her onto the CyberHugs team, since Deirdre seems so resolute about not letting Evie transfer over. But when he announces that he’s cutting the CyberHugs initiative altogether, Evie takes it upon herself to try and convince him not to do that. She convinces Deirdre to take her as her plus one to a party that Corey Casey is throwing, where he is going to announce “the future of CyberMart,” but when Deirdre finds out the reason Evie wants to go is so that she can go above Deirdre’s head on the CyberHugs issue, Deirdre uninvites Evie as her plus one. Instead, Evie crashes the party with Xavier, Mary Anne, Hank and Kareema, where Mary Anne finally gets to be the “fun” one, and Evie subsequently gets kicked out – but in the process, she convinces Corey Casey to reinitiate CyberHugs, and put Evie on the team. Unfortunately this just means double the workload for Evie, as Deirdre is still upset with her.


There was a lot jam-packed into this episode. Possibly as a side-effect of not receiving a backorder from the CW? Who knows, but I want to find out what happens when the apocalypse either does or does not happen, and I really hope this show gets a second season!  

Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
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