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There is no better way to describe NO TOMORROW than as adorably cute. The new CW series debuted its “Pilot” episode, and with it, a new dawn for romantic comedies on television. The show is incredibly rounded, offering quirky and loveable characters. I haven’t giggled this much since The Office ended. And just like Jim and Pam, the leads, Evie Covington (played by the earnest Tori Anderson) and “Xavier with an X” (the always-charismatic Joshua Sasse) charm from beginning to end as we’re swept up in a series of “statistical anomalies” that will have you agreeing that life’s too short to play it safe – as the series promos suggest.

Evie is a 30-year-old manager in a shipping warehouse reminiscent of Amazon. Her boss is a nightmare, and she’s not so great at the managing thing. But she’s got a great pair of friends, and her life isn’t so bad. She spends most of her time hoping to get another chance to meet ‘Dream Guy’ – a man she briefly met at a farmer’s market in Seattle. When she goes home to find a package addressed to him on her doorstep, she realizes this may be just the chance she was hoping for.


However, Xavier isn’t exactly what Evie was expecting. He’s charming, he’s eccentric, and he’s convinced the world is going to end in exactly eight months and twelve days. But he has a totally logical theory: there’s this asteroid, and because of global warming, it’s going to collide with the Earth and cause an absolute apocalypse. Evie, disarmed by the revelation of Xavier’s degree of insanity, isn’t sure what to do. The guy seems perfectly sane and normal in every respect other than this one, whole-hearted belief. Plus he’s way hot and charismatic and she’s just been dreaming about this guy for a long time, okay?

So Evie doesn’t quite give up on Xavier. And Xavier doesn’t give up on her. When Evie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Timothy, shows up at her nephew’s birthday party and tries to propose, Evie is thrown into the dilemma of having to choose the status quo in her life, or finally taking a leap into the unknown. She tells Timothy she has to think about it, and slumps home to find Xavier waiting up on her doorstep with a pack of beer. The two decide to cross one of Xavier’s items off his “Apoca-list,” and go on a “joy ride with Carl” in a dune buggy.

The date ends extremely well, and soon Evie is swept up in the whirlwind romance of Xavier’s confident, unfiltered way of being. She spends the night with him, and in the morning when he asks her to skip work, she tells him about her horrible boss, whom she can’t afford to upset. He asks her what her biggest wish would be if she believed the world was going to end, and she admits that she’s always wanted to sing in public, though after a barfing experience in elementary school, she’s never conquered her fears enough to try. As she leaves for work, Xavier asks her to meet for drinks that night.

Unbeknownst to Evie, Xavier has arranged to have her sing in front of the bar crowd. He helps her overcome her stage fright and she absolutely kills the song. For a moment, she feels on top of the world, until Hank, one of her best friends from work, shows up to let her know that an email she supposedly sent to her boss has gotten her fired.


Xavier admits to having sent the email in her place, because he thought she needed a little push to quit working for a horrible boss – or quit working at all. Suddenly Evie realizes her colossal mistake by letting this crazy man into her personal life. She storms out. Of course, Xavier doesn’t take Evie’s anger as a definitive end to their relationship – he sends her a pogo stick as an olive branch, which Evie reluctantly decides to try (jumping on a pogo stick was one of her apoca-list items). Her enjoyment is cut short, though, when she falls and hits her head on the pavement.

Xavier sees this and calls an ambulance. The pogo stick only gave Evie a mild concussion, but at the hospital, the doctors have discovered she has a rare, fatal heart issue that they need to operate on immediately. In a weird fluke, crashing on the pogo stick has saved Evie’s life. She goes into surgery and comes out a new woman, ready to grab her life by the horns after this near-death experience.

First, Evie tells Timothy that she’s not ready for marriage. He’s a nice guy, so he accepts her refusal of his proposal. But he tells her he won’t be there as her backup plan because he deserves to move on, too. Evie understands. She crosses ‘Tell Timothy The Truth’ off of her newly-written apoca-list. Then she leaves to cross the second item off her list: ‘Tell Xavier The Truth’.

So Evie is back on Xavier’s doorstep, and she tells him with confidence exactly what’s going to happen. She is the one in control of her life, and she will be the one to decide how and when she seizes the day. She admits that Xavier may have been the one to show her how to live life like that, but it’s still her life and she will decide what happens in it. She also admits that despite her attempts not to, she likes Xavier and his butt a lot. Probably more than he likes her and her butt. So the two decide to stick together, crossing new items off both of their lists on an alternating schedule.

First up? Finding out what happens when you put a potato-sized amount of aluminum foil in a microwave. As the sparks are flying (both literally and figuratively) there’s a knock on Xavier’s door: it’s cousin Jesse freshly escaped from prison! The episode ends with sirens sounding off in the distance and Evie panicking.

Where will the story go from here? Will Evie find herself breaking out of jail? Is Xavier actually crazy? There’s a lot of subtle mystery here left to solve, and I’m excited to see what surprises are up next.

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 1 (S01E01)
No Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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