NY Times Presents: Constellations of Directors and Their Stars


by: Mac Maclamore

It’s Friday evening, the clock on the wall is creeping ever closer to quittin’ time, and I’m sure you, the avid reader of 1-6pm is just about ready to call it a week.  But before you do, take a quick hop over to a delightfully fun (and damned informative) page some great folks over at the New York Times have put together.  In the very least, you’ll be enchanted by the hover-able beauty of a bunch of installation constellations changing color as you are treated to director and actor pairings that date back to the days of Mr. John Ford himself.

Take a peak at such as Christopher Nolan, Tyler Perry, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Nicole Holofcener, Won Kaw-Wai, Spike Lee, The Coen Brothers and dozens more, as we see how often they’ve paired with their individual muses over the years.

It’s both fun and informative – which finally fulfills all of those empty promises of my youth from teachers attempting to teach me geometry.

Enjoy now, and thank me later.

Constellations of Directors and Their Stars


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