Old Gods and New Face Off to Creepy Synth Music in “American Gods” Title Sequence (Things We Love)


American Gods OpeningStarz

Starz’s new series , from Bryan Fuller and Michael Green based on the Neil Gaiman novel, may be a month away but the network is tiding fans over with things like character posters and now a look at the title sequence for the show.

Appropriately dark and creepy, the minute-and-a-half opening is set to dynamic synth music and relies heavily on the show’s motif of neon lights and signs. Over the course of the video, imagery to represent both the Old Gods and the New are shown in tandem — an indication of the inevitable battle between the two factions. There’s a statue of the Hindu god Ganesha with lasers and a projector as well as what appears to be a crucified astronaut, just to name a few. By the end, all the images are stacked vertically beneath a bronze figure of an eagle with its wings spread out.

The sequence is a perfect blend of the culture and themes the series will inevitably tackle while sticking close to its aesthetic as well. It will certainly whet the appetite of fans during this last month of waiting.

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