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It’s a sad day for Clone Club as we say goodbye to (spoiler!) M.K. in this week’s episode of , “Clutch of Greed.” The show this week brought the pace and excitement that we all know and love, intermingled with the always incredible frustration of Sarah’s plans being thwarted. Surprisingly, though, her plans aren’t thwarted by the usual lot – it’s not Rachel or any Neos that bring her down, but her own daughter, Kira. And that hits hard.

There were quite a few great moments to discuss from the episode this week – not the least of which should be M.K.’s death or Helena’s abrupt departure from the hospital – but first I want to really take the time I didn’t take in last week’s review to revel in the awesomeness that is Tatiana Maslany. What her name lacks in easily remembered spelling, she makes up for tenfold in her acting abilities.

Legitimately, Tatiana Maslany is so good at her , I forget that every clone is played by the same actress. Obviously there’s a lot of other creative people that help that affect – hair, makeup, costumes, direction, etc – but at the end of the day, if Tatiana Maslany was any less of a talented actress, you wouldn’t buy it. You’d watch it and suspend your disbelief for the sake of the story (because oh my the story and the writing is so good) but deep down you’d know. However, as it is, I legit caught myself thinking, “Oh, that’s early to kill off an actor – wonder how she feels about being snubbed out of future paychecks for the season,” before I remembered that oh, duh, it’s Tatiana.


Sidebar: Do you think Tatiana gets paid the salary for five leading actors plus various guest roles? Because she definitely deserves it.

Anyways, back to this week’s episode. The reality that this is the final season starts to kick in with this episode. I’m not sure if it’s because, for once, Kira doesn’t agree to run away with Sarah, or maybe it’s M.K.’s death, or perhaps it’s the reveal of P.T. Westmorland (who looks like he hasn’t changed his suit in a hundred years – and also like his face is CGI’d as though he’s Leia in Rogue One), but things are finally setting in that this is the build up to the end. What happens in this finale is THE finale. It’s bittersweet, but it also poses the question: where are we going?

So here’s what we know so far: P.T. Westmorland likes cows, or at least, cheese that comes from cows – I’m not sure what P.T. Westmorland is up to, but he’s super cryptic and I’m not convinced that when the writers wrote his little conversation with Cosima that they knew what he was up to. But I’m in it to find out more, so pass the popcorn!

We also know: Rachel has decided to turn over a new leaf – she “feels whole” and believes that, after her conversations with P.T., she has a purpose for her life. This royally pisses off Ferdinand, who is all about the physical abuse in his sexual relationship with Rachel. When she no longer wants to partake, she gives him an ultimatum, essentially breaking the two of them up. This later comes back to bite M.K. in the butt, when, in an attempt to hold Ferdinand off while Sarah gets away, he knocks her to the ground and brutally jumps on her chest until her rib cage caves in, collapsing her lungs. Granted, M.K. was already very sick, very tired, and had no wish to run any further (which is why she left herself open and vulnerable in Felix’s apartment in the first place), but holy cow, I was not expecting that.

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Something I also wasn’t expecting (though why I was at all surprised, honestly, I don’t know) was the totally freaky – but in a twisted way fun – way that Helena escaped the doctor in the hospital. I found myself immediately cringing the second the syringe came into the picture – one, because I hate syringes, but two, because we all knew immediately something was going to happen – but I figured (read: was hoping) that maybe she’d use the benefit of the doubt with that doctor and just knock her out or something. Nope. Instead, Helena skewers the poor woman’s face to the hospital bed with it. Holy.Crap.

Something else we know after this episode: Helena’s babies are magical. Just kidding, but they do somehow hold some miraculous form of healing powers, as Helena and Donnie discover in the hospital. Yay for them not being dead!

Speaking of mysterious, borderline magical powers, let’s talk about Kira’s refusal to run away with Sarah. First, oof, that really stung. The episode did an incredible of putting Sarah and Kira’s relationship in this place where you can really sympathize with both of them. I think we’re all rooting for Sarah to just finally be the mother to Kira she came back to be in season one. And, on the other hand, is Kira finally showing some of the scars of having lived on the run, with an almost-always absent mother? This hurt, though. Sarah and Kira were almost free – they had the creepy black getaway van, they were going to make it – and then Kira refused.

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To be fair, you can’t really blame Kira. She has this indescribable connection with the clones – she can feel them all – to the point where she knows when M.K. is dead. Sarah doesn’t want to believe it, but Siobhan tells her she has to face the facts. There is something unexplainable about Kira, and the only way Kira is ever going to figure out what that thing is, is to stay and cooperate with the testing that “Auntie Rachel” wants to do on her. Also, calling Rachel “Auntie” is gross. I am an auntie, and I definitely do not want to be associated with that psychopath. Siding with Sarah on this one, guys.

I am sure there are countless other things I’m forgetting about this episode, but that’s the lovely thing about Orphan Black – it flies so fast you can’t hardly keep up with it. It’s so fun and unexpected because of that. So I guess I’ll just wait until next week’s recap to see if I missed anything. Until then, see ya around, Clone Club.  

Season 5, Episode 2 (S05E02)
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