Oscar Isaac To Play a Double Agent in WWII Thriller “The Garbo Network”


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Force Awakens star will take a break from his X-wing piloting to play the real-life double agent Juan Pujol Garcia in the upcoming World War II thriller THE GARBO AGENT.

Garci was an eccentric double-agent who, with no military or covert training, somehow persuaded both the Germans and the British to hire him as a spy. Even though he was a double agent, he had an allegiance to England and worked closely with MI-5 to create a fictional network of 27 spies said to be spread out over England, Scotland and Ireland, supplying him with critical information about British troop movements and military planning. This was a turning point in the war, enabling the English to deceive the Germans about the invasion of Normandy.

William Wheller wrote the , but a director has yet to be attached. Isaac has also signed on to produce alongside Storyscape Entertainment’s Bob Cooper and Richard Saperstein, Chuck Weinstock, and Jason Spire.

Isaac will get back into intergalactic action in Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi and will continue his sci-fi streak in the Alex Garland’s adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel Annihilation as well as George Clooney’s crime mystery Suburbicon.

He is repped by and .

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