Our Picks For The Top 12 Video Game Trailers of E3 (So Far)…


With the first days of pre-E3 conferences and events now in the books, we wanted to highlight some of our top picks for new trailers and reveals coming out of the first weekend of E3.

But, before we dive in to any single trailers, can we take a moment to enjoy the beauty within the new XBOX ONE X reveal trailer.

With Microsoft taking the first swing at delivering the first elite high-end console, it seems they’ve left very little out in the way of what hardcore console gamers and casual living room box fans want. And though the price point ($499) seems a bit steep in comparison to a mid-cycle new entry, the combination of features for gaming, streaming, and reverse-compatability with all previous Xbox One items seems like a big win for anyone looking for a competitive (or casual) edge.

Now, lets talk trailers. E3 has long ago established itself as the super bowl for the reveal and release of all future release blockbuster titles, and while this year’s event has only just begun, already we’ve seen a number of AAA titles dropping new teases in the form of cinematic trailers, gameplay footage, and teasers of those coming in 2018 or beyond. And while there are always a few surprises every year, so far the releases we’ve seen have been long rumored trailers, expansions, or VR additions to games already in the zeitgeist. Even so, our excitement is still at an all time high for our first Top 12 picks below. And keep an eye out for our expanded list as Sony’s press conference gets underway, and we expect we’ll be seeing something new from the “Uncharted” franchise.



Forgetting the fact that the recently released film adaptation of the series dropped like a dud at the box office, this franchise has consistently been one of the most exciting, engaging and beautiful in existence. with a new setting, a new ancestor, and from what developers promise us, a lot of updating gameplay functionality, this could very well be the best entry in the franchise to date. Of course, Assassins Creed has always delivered some of the most beautifully crafted cinematic trailers we’ve ever seen, but a close look ahh the gameplay gives us hope for something new, and in the very least, something as re-playable as Black Flag. Going one step further, Ubisoft also released two more trailers to delve deeper into the new installment.

ASSASSINS CREED: ORIGINS – “Mysteries of Egypt”

ASSASINS CREED: ORIGINS – “Gameplay Trailer”



Bethesda’s press conference this year felt somewhat light by comparison to those surrounding it, but the reveal of the beautifully cinematic and promisingly scare-inducing sequel to the horror franchise all but reminded us just how much we love anything Bethesda brings into the world. And if it wasn’t for our love for this series already, this trailer may have just made this one of our most anticipated new releases coming out of E3.



One of the strongest organically built fanbases in the world got behind this series as it rose from a limited-marketing “indie” to that of a best-selling game of the year for dozens of outlets. And, while fans were already aware a second season of the episodic game was on the way, this limited series 3-episode release was the first pleasantly surprising announcement we saw come out of E3. With an offering of more backstory, expansions of characters, and finally our first interactions with Rachel, this August release can’t come soon enough.

As an added treat, the team behind the series also gave us a little behind the scenes on the new episodes.




In a new cinematic reveal trailer that’s reminiscent of something we’d expect to see from the mind of filmmaker Luc Besson, Ubisoft released what may well be the trailer to beat coming out of E3. Coming almost 15 years since the initial installment in the series, this sequel aims to expand the world into a massive universe for players of the original series and new to the franchise to delve into. While we’ve watched this trailer in awe more than any others released at this moment (and Playstation’s conference has yet to start), we eagerly want to see more, but until a more detailed gameplay trailer releases, we’re hesitant to go quite all in. Though, we really, really want to.



Now, the only reason Far Cry is this low on the list is because they released the trailer well ahead of the event, so technically it’s not “coming out of E3”. However, if it had, it may well have been #1 on our list. But, the new gameplay reveal certainly solidified this entry as what may be the most unique entries in this franchise (and for a franchise that’s gone to the beginning of man and back, that’s saying something).

FAR CRY 5 – “Gameplay Trailer”



The Metro franchise is one that took its time to build into the AAA title it’s become. With the first two games in the franchise going somewhat under the radar in comparison to some of the other blockbusters in the industry, it’s also one that fans have been incredibly vocal in their demand for more. With the first games giving limited access to the worlds they hinted at, and a somewhat “rails” like feel to what players could access, this new entry into the franchise promises more access, more story, more characters, and of course, more monsters into the world. And if this trailer is to believed it seems we’ll finally have the in-depth offering into the world of Metro we’ve always wanted.



One of the most anticipated new series expected to be revealed at E3 this year was the sci-fi action/adventure newcomer ANTHEM. While little is still known about this series in terms of storyline, the trailers revealed tease us with visuals that remind us of games like Destiny, Titanfall and Halo in all the right ways. And if the teaser above didn’t win you over, enjoy the gameplay reveal below.

ANTHEM – “Gameplay Trailer”



Pirates, pirates everywhere. Following the 2016 teaser reveal of SEA OF THIEVES, E3 2017 delivered our first look at gameplay for the open world pirate adventure, while Ubisoft went with a more inclusive introduction, delivering a beautiful cinematic and gameplay release to deliver us an endless array of high seas adventure.

SKULL AND BONES – “Gameplay Trailer”



If Blade Runner was re-released into a retro 8-bit cyberpunk world you’d have the newly released trailer for one of the most uniquely beautiful looking games coming out of E3 this year. This trailer gives us subtle glimpses of gameplay that while not going too deep into reveals, makes us eagerly awaiting more reveals.



For years we’ve heard players complain about the lack of co-op games in the AAA space since those of the early 2000s, and from what we can tell from the reveal and gameplay trailers, EA is eager to deliver that experience once again. While we’re not all completely sold on this one just yet, what we’ve seen so far certainly has our attention.

A WAY OUT – “Gameplay Trailer”



Following Annapurna’s success with the brilliantly crafted gaming experience behind their recent release “What Remains of Edith finch”, Ashen seems like another strong entry into the newcomer’s portfolio. In the very least, the mix of an original art style and what we can hope will be another exceptionally crafted story will have us keeping our eyes open for it upon release.



Like Far Cry 5, this trailer dropped on this list, not from lack of excitement, but because it had released well in advance of E3. However, with the new release of a gameplay trailer, and lets be honest, the fact that we absolutely love Star Wars, this game is one we can not wait to get our hands on.