“Outlander” EP on Comparing Jamie and Claire’s Reunion to the Wedding Episode


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After getting a taste of Jamie and Claire back together on in the last episode, Episode 306 of the Starz fantasy drama series gives fans everything they’ve been waiting over a year for.

The entire episode is spent with the reunited lovers as they get to know each other again, emotionally and physically, and executive producer Maril Davis says the writing team had no qualms about slowing things down so fans could really take it all in.

“For me this episode is – the word I use to describe it is luxurious,” Davis told Tracking Board of the long-awaited reunion. “Because it’s really a love letter to the fans and for ourselves, a kind of bubble episode where we get to revel in Jamie and Claire. Reuniting, finding each other again, just kind of sitting in the same room and enjoying each other. I don’t think a lot of shows would do that, they’d be like get out of that room, let’s see something else, but I think we thought it was really important to get to know this couple again and see how they were going to have their reunion.”

The way Jamie and Claire get reacquainted, from the first kiss to long discussions about their daughter Brianna and everything they’ve missed out on twenty years apart to finally having sex, will certainly call to mind the way they were first intimately introduced in Season 1’s wedding episode. Back then, they were practically strangers, but got to know each other a lot better over the course of an evening in the same room together.

Davis, too, sees a bit of a mirroring in the two episodes.

“We were conscious of the fact that this episode would be compared to the wedding episode, but it’s so different,” Davis said. “The wedding episode was the first time these two ever had sex and we know that this isn’t the first time, but it’s the first time in twenty years. So how is that is different than your first night together? In some ways it’s very similar, but in other ways, you already know each other and it’s a different kind of love. It’s a deeper love, a sweeter love, because you know what you’ve lost and what you’ve missed out on in twenty years. So we tried to reflect that in the episode.”

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.


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