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Out of his mountain clothes, Hasil looks like a small boy dressed up as someone from New Kids on the Block. But it’s necessary, because deputy sheriff Wade has said he can’t protect Hasil if his police colleagues link the mountain boy to Li’l Fos’ recent prison escape. At the beginning of this episode he’s looking pretty cute on #datenight for Sally-Ann’s birthday, but Hasil’s cover (“I have to be in disguise because the fight club I’m in is illegal”, as opposed to the truth, which is “I’m in disguise because Wade said he can’t protect me if I get busted for my role in breaking Li’l Fos out of prison) is blown when a fan recognizes him and Sally-Ann sees that Hasil is unperturbed. She demands he tell her what’s really going on.

Up on the mountain it’s party time as G’win’s condition has markedly improved, but the revelers are interrupted by the lights and noise of a chopper – which later seems to have sprayed some Farrell corn fields with poison. In the following days, Silas, a young boy from the clan, falls gravely ill, and animals start to die. No doubt about it, it’s the coal company “trying to starve us off the mountain”, as G’win puts it. Rations and other such plans are instituted, and the furious Bren’in calls for someone from the coal company to come and face the damage they are doing, a task that Big Foster elects to do. And!!!!! G’win has even more than her people at stake – she’s pregnant, though it’s not clear who the father is. There’s a very feisty moment when somebody asks her “do you know whose it is?” and she replies, “it’s mine”.

Post-prison, Li’l Fos has gone a bit wild, carousing with women and downing plentiful Farrell wine, much to G’win’s despair. The tribe needs his help, she berates him; what on earth has gotten into him? G’win experiences a moment of truth with her former lover when Li’l Fos informs her he learned when she left him for his father, Big Foster, that “there ain’t nothing worth fightin’ for”. G’win’s expression in response suggests the baby inside her might be such a thing…. and indeed, that Li’l, not Big, is the father?! this could get dicey…..

Although it seems clear that whatever is hurting crops and children alike is a human-made poison, the supernatural is really starting to bleed into this season, with Ledda visited by Elon, the dead child of Big Foster and G’win (though she doesn’t know that it is he). In a rather touching scene, Ledda sees the child outside and goes out to meet him. He embraces her and she and holds him in her arms, leaving one with the distinct sense that something celestial has just happened. Later, Ledda searches her mind and archives for the source of her visitation, deciding that the visitor was Breece, her dead husband, in small boy form.

There’s also been some disruption in the coal company’s universe. That is, Ledda’s sexy manarchist who seduced Haylie in a previous episode appears to have been busy with the archives he stole from her. The local press calls Haylie and asks her to confirm some dirt they’ve been sent anonymously. The company is desperate to find and plug the leak…. and Haylie eventually figures out how exactly how it happened. Embarrassing…..

More trouble is coming for the PR doyenne though. Big Foster has descended from the mountain in search of a coal company hack to school, namely, Haylie. He finds #Sasil and asks H for help in nabbing Haley to bring her to the mountain and face her company’s crimes. This means Sally-Ann is confronted once again with the reality of loving a Farrell. It’s a big ask having your man up and leave whenever a hairy elder of his descends from the mountain and demands his participation in a kidnapping. There are so many opportunities for #Sasil to crack – but they always seem to work it out. It’s a sweet part of their plot.

Haylie is already horrified enough with herself, having figured her night of passion with Gordon is to blame for the leak. Worse still, her boss is onto her, accusing her of having sympathies for the mountain people that might have made her vulnerable to such leakage She puts up a fierce fight against this accusation. And it’s lucky for her that she is the fighting kind, because shortly afterwards she finds herself straining against the boot of a stolen car, having been kidnapped by Hasil and Big Fos, just in time for Hasil to be home for dinner at #Sasil HQ.

Meanwhile, Wade goes on a date! A successful one, with an old elementary school pal. It looks to be ending in tears (his), but then – a very satisfying kiss. The beleaguered policeman’s fortunes are looking up all round – Ledda’s cancer, it turns out, is in remission. G’win and Big Foster’s ghost kid appears to be providing blessings all round!

Still, he can’t work miracles everywhere. As mountain kid Silas dies of the illness caused by whatever has poisoned the mountain crops, Big Fos leads a ropeable Haley up to the Farrell’s grounds. Will she turn out to be sympathetic after all? It would certainly be a remarkable turnaround.


Season 2, Episode 9 (S02E09)
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