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PaleyFest 2015 picked back up tonight with the Teen Wolf Panel, and we learned a few interesting things about the upcoming season. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our live from the event and our recap of the panel. Check out all of our PaleyFest coverage here.

1. Tyler Hoechlin WILL return for Season 5 in some capacity as Derek Hale.  Even though it was announced earlier that day by BuzzFeed that Hoechlin would not return as a series regular, Teen Wolf creator/EP Jeff Davis reassured fans that they had not seen the last of Hale.  Hoechlin, it should be mentioned, is pursing probably greener pastures on the big screen.

2. Crystal Reed, who played the late Allison Argent, was at the panel and she revealed that she was the first person to audition for Allison.  Looks like she made the right impression.

3. According to Davis, the fifth season will “be all about senior year.”  So I guess that gives us some sort of clue as to how much time has passed on the show.  Though it remains to be seen how many kids will actually live to see graduation.

4. The origins of the show came from Davis’ desire to “rip off the Lost Boys.” And, you know, the original Teen Wolf movie.

5. Dylan O’Brien revealed that he originally auditioned for the role Scott, but ended up falling in love with Stiles.  O’Brien said, “He doesn’t care what a single person thinks. He doesn’t filter through anything.”  Frankly I can’t imagine anyone else playing Stiles with the same king of loose-limbed aplomb as O’Brien.

Moderator Jarett Wieselman, EP Jeff Davis, Crystal Reed, Dylan Sprayberry, Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, Arden Cho, Dylan O’Brien, and Shelley Hennig. (c) The Paley Center

6. Stiles and Lydia are going to continue to work together in the new season.  One story line sees them heading back to Eichen House to interrogate one of the patients.  It would be nice to see these two working together without worrying about a romantic arc, but it’s two straight kids and it’s MTV.  We’ll see how that goes.

7.  The cast – those of them who began at the beginning – seem to retain a fondness for the pilot.  Over the course of the panel Dylan and Crystal especially waxed poetic about the early days of the show.

8. We shouldn’t hold our breath for Danny.  Though Davis mentioned that he’d recently spoken to Daniel Sharman, who werewolf Isaac Lahey, but he didn’t have much to say about that either.  Lahey, you may or may not remember, ended up in Paris with Chris Argent, Allison’s father, after Allison’s death.  It’s an easy opening to bring him back, but there are no promises.

9. Season 5 will also refocus on Scott and Stiles’ friendship, which, from the pilot has been one of the core relationships of the show.  Though Davis has promised things before and not delivered, so fans will have to wait and see how Season 5 really out.

10. We’ll probably never know Stiles’ real name.  Davis teased that maybe in the finale of the series we’d find out what it is, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  And frankly I don’t what to know.  When you let something like this go this long, you end up spoiling the heady anticipation and tension of it all.  At 5 seasons into the show, no name is going to satisfy everyone.  It’s best to just leave that one a mystery.

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