PaleyFest 2015: Our 5 Burning Questions About The Flash/Arrow



PaleyFest 2015 is in full swing with an incredible line-up this year of some of our favorite shows. Tonight, the Arrow/Flash panels will commence at 4:00 PM PST and we’ll be in attendance. As fans of both series, we have a few questions that we’re eager to have answered. We’ve got five for Flash and five for Arrow.

Warning: Spoilers Below

The Flash

1. What Will Happen When Barry Discovers Harrison’s Betrayal?

 Last episode, we discovered that Harrison Wells may indeed be the Reverse Flash, and not just in possession of his suit. So, if he really has been manipulating everything and did actually kill Barry’s mother, then how will Barry react? Harrison has been Barry’s idol and inspiration for his entire life, and most recently, a dear friend and father figure. How will Barry react when his protector, mentor, and confidant turns out to be his greatest enemy and the man he’s hated for his entire life?  This kind of news could break Barry and shatter his trust. Will he ever be the same?

2. Will Barry Fight Gorilla Grodd This Season?

We’ve been teased as to the arrival of Gorilla Grodd as early as the pilot, and even promotional posters for the series. In the last two episodes, we’ve seen that Grodd is living in the sewers and is fully equipped with his mind control abilities. Harrison brings the General to Grodd, calling Grodd an old friend. Why did Harrison create Grodd? Now that we’ve seen Grodd in all his gorilla glory, when will we see him take on Barry? What possibly is the reason for their feud? I can see the inevitable battle being pushed as far as next season, in an effort to extend the life of the series. However, I’m dying to see Flash take on Grodd. It’s so fantastic that they’ve actually brought the character to screen, and I want to seem him in action.

3. What is Harrison’s End Game?

Harrison Wells, what an enigma. In nearly every episode since the pilot, the ending tag has teased yet another peice of Harrison’s devious schemes. But, what is it all leading up to? What is Harrison’s master plan? If Harrison is indeed the Reverse Flash (See Next Question), then what is it all about? Harrison never appears to hate or want to harm Barry, in fact, he continuously tries to save him and push him. We see that he is limited with his powers and doesn’t have the juice, needs to use a device to power his suit. Is he trying to steal Barry’s powers? Or is that even possible, as Caitlin says earlier in the season that power can’t be taken away? We know that Harrison caused Barry to become the Flash for a reason, and that he killed Barry’s mother for a purpose. But, why? Why is he working with Gorilla Grodd? If Harrison is from the future, then what is he up to there? I’ve even read theories that Harrison is Barry from the future. But if so, then why would he be so devious? Only time will tell.

4. Who Actually Is The Reverse Flash?

Okay. So, obviously Harrison was revealed to be wearing the suit and possessing the powers of super speed. But, I’m not fully convinced that he is the Reverse Flash. In fact, in the episode “The Man In The Yellow Suit,” we see Reverse Flash’s of different builds and body types. Does he beat up himself in that episode? The Reverse Flash has a very tense moment with Eddie in that episode, where you can swear that Eddie recognizes the villain…to be himself? In the comics, Professor Zoom’s, also known as Reverse Flash, real name was Eobard Thawne. Why would they name a character on the show Eddie Thawne if he wasn’t somehow linked to the Reverse Flash? Could it all be a red herring? I just think that it’s too easy for Harrison to be the Reverse Flash and I think he’s got other irons in the fire. But the question is, if Harrison isn’t the Reverse Flash, then who is he?

5. When Will The Flash Discover His Other Powers And The Speed Force?

Barry’s far more powerful than just a fast runner. Currently, we’ve seen him scale buildings and run across water, and the show’s even teased his ability to run so fast that he travels through time. However, he’s going to be capable of so much more. When will we see Barry discover the speed force? (the extra-dimensional energy that powers all of the Flash’s superhuman abilities.) When will we see him phase through objects and use one of his super mass punches? Will we ever see him fly on the show? I am very happy with the pace at which the show is developing the character and his abilities, but I am curious as to when he may discover his other powers.


1. Will Oliver Actually Kill Ra’s Al Ghul?

Oliver has decided to undergo training with Malcolm Merlyn in order to learn how to defeat Ra’s. But, as last episode showed, Ra’s has his Lazarus pit, which heals him. There have also been teases and hints to his unnatural long life.  Oliver nearly died facing off against the demon. Is it even possible that he could stand a chance? And if so, will Oliver truly forsake his vow and actually kill him? Or will Ra’s truly push him too far by harming Thea? Either way, Ra’s has been referred to as the world’s most un-killable man. Perhaps Oliver can simply become on better terms with the league rather than kill Ra’s.

2. Will We See Oliver Team-Up With The Atom?

This season, Arrow has fully teased us with the arrival of The Atom. However, Oliver has had hardly any scenes with Ray Palmer. The CW has teased that the two heroes will face off in an upcoming episode. But, when will they team up and fight crime together? Can Oliver ever work with Ray after he learns of his budding relationship with Felicity? Also, when will The Atom actually shrink?? The creators had better not cheap out and deny the fans of The Atom in all his size-shifting glory. I’d also like to see The Atom team up with the Arrow before his potential spin-off.

3. Will Felicity End Up With Oliver?

Oh boy. Felicity and Oliver has been the “will they, won’t they” since season one. Clearly, Oliver wants to be with her, but does Felicity deserve better? They have deep feelings for each other, but the relationship could never wok because Oliver will never stop being the Arrow. Felicity says that she wants a life without the secrecy and danger, but does she actually want that? How can she go back? And does she really think that it can be better with Ray?

4. How Did Oliver Get Back To The Island?

This season, it’s been revealed that during his five years on the island, Oliver wasn’t always there. He was in China for a great deal of time, working with Amanda Waller. But, when he’s rescued, Oliver was on the island. And he had that grungy-as-hell beard. So, how did he get back there? And why? What could have went down that forced him to return? He was a fully changed man when he was rescued, when will we see his full transformation? Why did he grow this beard? (Kidding) But, I am curious to know why he either willingly or was forced back on the island.

5. When will Oliver be called Green Arrow?

We’re into season three and Oliver is still referred to as the arrow. Come on, don’t pull a Smallville and tease it forever. In season one Malcolm tells Oliver that the Arrow should be called Green Arrow and Oliver laughs. Great, but that is what the character is called. When will he finally go by his rightful moniker? Clearly this interpretation of the character still has a lot of growing up to do, but I hope that they don’t wait until the end of the series for him to go by Green Arrow.


What are your burning questions about both series? Tell us below!

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