Paleyfest 2015: Our 5 Burning Questions About The Good Wife



Paleyfest 2015 is in full swing, with an incredible line-up this year of some of our favorite shows. Tonight, The Good Wife panel will commence at 8:00 PM PST, and we’ll be in attendance. As fans of the series, we have a few questions that we’re eager to ask the show’s creators and stars about the future.

Warning: Spoilers Below

1. Who Will Be the Next State’s Attorney?

This season, Alicia has been running for state’s attorney, and the race is heating up: She has a hotshot campaign manager, an illicit PAC funded by drug kingpin Lemond Bishop, and a worthy opponent in talk show host Frank Prady. Currently, Alicia’s ahead in the polls but behind in funding, and while she won the debate, she seems to be losing the moral high ground to the relatively upstanding Prady. A win for Alicia would send shockwaves through The Good Wife — she’d have to leave the firm she started with Cary, for a start. But if there’s one thing The Good Wife loves doing, it’s upsetting the status quo.

2. Is Alicia Getting Together With Her Campaign Manager? With Finn? With Anyone?

In the midseason premiere, Alicia surprised everyone by kissing her campaign manager Johnny Elfman during the heat of a major victory. She backtracked in the next episode, but fans can hardly be faulted for wondering if this is the beginning of something bigger. It’s even more surprising in light of the subtle but clear groundwork the show had been laying for a romance between Alicia and State’s Attorney Finn Polmar. And of course, Alicia is still working through her grief over the death of her erstwhile lover Will Gardner — so there may not be any romance in the cards, for a while.

3. Will Anything Good Ever Happen to Cary?

Cary has had a really bad year. He started off the season by getting arrested on trumped-up drug-trafficking charges (a complicated bid by the current state’s attorney to mess with Alicia), spent the first half-season either in jail or worrying about being thrown back in jail, and ended up having to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. It was only by the skin of his teeth (and a little less-than-legal back-room dealing from Kalinda) that he avoided prison. Everyone was pretty relieved by that point, since watching him waste away with worry was becoming physically painful. Now that Cary’s a free man, we’d like to know whether he could have something good in his life. A cupcake? A pony? A good therapist?

4. How Screwed Is Kalinda?

Speaking of Kalinda’s back-room deal: She made it with aforementioned drug kingpin Lemond Bishop, and now she owes him big time. Kalinda has become more and more entrenched with Bishop over the past few months, and the favors he’s required of her have become more and more dangerous. It doesn’t seem like this can be leading anywhere good — but exactly how not good are we talking? We know (SPOILERS) that Kalinda’s leaving after this season, and while it doesn’t seem likely that she’ll die, she’s already living under an assumed name; another identity change and a one-way ticket out of town doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

5. Which Genre Will Get The Good Wife Treatment Next?

The Good Wife has been an unlikely source of criticism and parody for several years now. It took on grim prestige shows like True Detective and Low Winter Sun when it introduced the fake AMC series Darkness at Noon, which has been playing in the background of scenes since season five. In this season’s “Oppo Research,” Darkness at Noon even got its own parody aftershow, the Talking Dead-esque Talking at Noon. Season five also gave us the Glee parody  Camp, complete with a lawsuit about song plagiarism that was eerily similar to Jonathan Coulton’s complaint about Glee. Ironically, the most recent episode, “Dark Money,” took on ripped-from-the-headlines crime dramas with Call it Murder, a procedural that definitely isn’t Law & Order: SVU.  So, what’s next? CBS comedies? Dry British dramas? Netflix originals? We’re betting it’s that last one — The Good Wife loves topical technology.


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