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A Salute to Comedy Central Broad City, Key & Peele, Kroll Show, Review, & Workaholics

comedycentralgroupingSaturday, March 7th (12:00pm)

Moderator: Andy Greenwald (Grantland)

Panelists: Abbi Jacobson (Broad City), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Jordan Peele (Key & Peele), Nick Kroll (Kroll Show), Andy Daly (Review), Blake Anderson, (Workaholics), Adam DeVine (Workaholics), Anders Holm (Workaholics), Kyle Newacheck (Workaholics)


  • I was told I could go “off the rails a little bit” so we’ll see how much of my own commentary gets mixed in with the liveblogging today. Onward!
  • Andy Greenwald: “We are now ready for what I’m sure will be a calm, organized conversation.”
  • As one would expect, all comedians enter the stage goofily.
  • There is one woman on stage out of ten people.



Andy Greenwald at PaleyFest 2015

  • Greenwald asks how everyone has taken their sense of humor and talents and turned them into weekly television shows.
    • Abbi Jacobson says Comedy Central is very hands-off.
    • Workaholics boys: “We definitely felt like someone made a mistake” in deciding to put them on air, so they hurried to get their show on air.
    • Adam DeVine: Workaholics cast lived in the house they filmed season 1 in for three years prior to the show.
    • “We were almost Peele and Key.” “Yeah, how’d that happen?” “We talked about the alphabet.” -Key & Peele


  • The entire panel has somehow ended up screaming ironically.
  • Greenwald skips over Kroll: “Let’s leave the hothead out of this for a moment.” Ha. Kroll is glaring.
  • Everyone is giggling. As expected, an entire stage full of funny people is getting derailed constantly by the funny people.
  • “A lot of shows get discovered in the Outback, so it’s not a crazy question!” -Andy Daly
  • Daly insists the audience clap when mentioning any show title “to be polite.”
  • “You’re unique, you’re free to tell the truth!” Greenwald to Kroll about Comedy Central because his show is no longer on the channel. These goofballs.


  • Kroll, Key, and Peele all turn their chairs towards each other to have an intimate (goofy) conversation about how prolific Key and Peele are.
  • Peele will be in the Kroll Show finale.
  • “I think Comedy Central kind of has a famously hands off approach.” -Greenwald
  • “We had one episode where we were trying to make an unburnable American flag, so through the process we had to burn like 50 American flags.” – Adam DeVine
  • “At this show, when we write it, we want it to be dealing with really important issues.” – Abbi Jacobson, ironically discussing some of the ideas that end up in Broad City.
    • “People used to be able to find their way with the wind and the moon or whatever.” Lmao. This turned into the bizarre nature montage in an episode of Broad City of her “jacking off a tree.” “The tree itself was really the inspiration.” All manner of gesticulations are occurring.


Adam DeVine at PaleyFest 2015

  • Adam DeVine: “It’s cool when you get to take a hard stance on something dumb like that.”
  • Andy Daly often gets notes back from Comedy Central that some of the things in the show might be “too sad” and they need to tone it down a bit.
  • One of weirdest notes for Key & Peele: “Is Star Wars a thing that people care about?”
  • After being told that “Cake Train” would be too expensive to make, Kroll went ahead and made it in Season 2 because Comedy Central is “unbelievably hands off.” “They let us do it by not having very stern oversight.”
  • “Is Obama a thing that people care about?” These guys are so goofy, omg.


  • Greenwald asks, how do you keep being productive when working with your good friends on these shows?
  • There is one guy on Key and Peele who is “the timekeeper.”
  • Keegan-Michael Key does an elaborate bit making fun of the process.
  • Workaholics cast/crew discusses how the writer’s room used to be a lot more anarchic and ridiculous (involving naps, buckets of Skittles, and chugging Red Bull). Now, since three of the four are married and have children, it’s less intense.
  • “I think our show is only going to get funnier the older, and older, and older, and more pathetic we get.” -Blake Anderson on Workaholics


  • Greenwald asks Jacobson how they moved from such a personal project (Broad City started as a web series) to vetting writers for turning it into a television show. Jacobson says they just ended up hiring their friends, who had also worked on the web series.
  • “It really is who do you vibe with, who’s going to get you, and who do you know who you can trust with a funny script or trust on camera with you.” Kroll on why they all end up hiring and working with their friends.
  • “Comedy is so much about chemistry.” -Kroll



Andy Daly at PaleyFest 2015

  • Greenwald asks all the panelists to tell what they think are the best moments on their own shows.
  • Andy Daly’s favorite moment from his own show: killing Fred Willard. Inspiration from a family vacation video where a family in a helicopter is intercut with “beautiful vistas of the Grand Canyon.” But one of the kids in the family is vomiting copiously.
  • Nick Kroll’s favorite moment: watching Dr. Armond develop over the course of the show. (“I mean, anytime I can get Bill Burr in the sun with no shade…”)
  • Jordan Peele’s favorite moment: “Trials of Reginald VelJohnson.” Peele also loves the referential sketches related to pop culture and movies.


  • Keegan-Michael Key favorites: loves the scenes that “go off the rails organically.” One favorite is the “two Arabic guys who are cat-calling women in burqas.” As they started improvising it “took on a ridiculous homoerotic tone.”
  • Abbi Jacobson’s favorite: one sketch where her character has to walk around wearing a strap-on dildo for an entire scene. She was really proud of the scene because it was not making fun of pegging but it was still funny.
  • Workaholics actors asked this question all at once “like The Newlywed Game” and all shout different things over top of each other. End up discussing “the college porno episode” which was “weirdly heartfelt” as they discuss the “message” of the episode.


  • Opening up to audience questions.
  • “What’s cool about playing characters on a show that are best friends is you’re allowed to laugh at each other.” Adam DeVine on if it’s hard to not break character.
  • Audience question about how much of the show is scripted and how much is improvised. Workaholics boys say 25 pages is a “good length” because they like to “play on the day.”
  • The camera lingers forever on Blake Anderson waiting for him to crack.
  • Audience question as to why The Kroll Show is ending and why Key and Peele changed format. Kroll says it wanted to quit while all the stories were on top. Key and Peele discuss driving around and cracking each other up. “Taking away the need to feel to play to the audience” gives a better idea of how they make each other laugh.
    • “Then everybody gets to share the moments in the car,” because they felt the audience was missing out on something the physically present audience had. (-Key)


  • Audience question: “The reason I love Broad City so much is because it’s so fearless.” The question is whether any situations ever make the Broad City actors afraid to do things. Jacobson says the fear comes in because “We really want it to be great.”
  • Audience question: if they’ve ever done anything dangerous or illegal. Keegan-Michael Key talking about blowing up a car for the series. “Blowing stuff up is the jam!” Workaholics DeVine talks about shooting the S5 promo which also featured an explosion. Andy Daly’s answer: “Our orgy scene was emotionally dangerous. It was a lot of extras in skin-tight flesh-colored underwear” and you could see the emotional damage in the future.
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