PaleyFest 2015: Our Liveblog Coverage of the AHS Freak Show Panel




Sunday, March 15th (8:00pm)

Moderator: Tim Stack (Entertainment Weekly)

Panelists:  Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Michael Chiklis, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Denis O’Hare, Finn Wittrock; Executive Producer: Tim Minear



Update: 9:05 PM PST

  • The cast and crew come to the stage. The panel is under way. 
  • The crowd goes wild for Sarah Paulson, fan favorite. 

Update: 9:09 PM PST

  • Even Peters takes the stage. Fans go wild. 
  • The finish off the introductions. 


Update 9:11 PM PST

  • The cast discuss the episode “Edward Mordrake” Part I.
  • Jessica Lange talks about singing Lana Del Rey. “I loved it. It was a big opportunity.”


Update 9:15 PM PST

  • Sarah Paulson reveals that it was difficult to sing, but she was helped greatly by singing coaches. 
  • Singing was out of everyone’s comfort zone. The cast complement each other.
  • Kathy Bates had a song that was cut from the season. 

CAMba0VXIAAGPuJUpdate: 9:17 PM PST

  • Jessica Lange inspired the Freak Show story because she used to travel and see exhibitions when she was younger. She really appreciated her cast mates that were along for the ride this season. 

Update: 9:22 PM PST

  •  Michael Chiklis laughs about when he read the the first time. “You don’t even know what they’re making me do”

Update: 9:23 PM PST

  • Kathy Bates remembers the actress playing the tiny woman having “Frozen” slippers.


Update: 9:25 PST

  • Each cast member had their separate make up room. They all chime in at the same time about the rough make up experiences on the series. 
  • Everyone is joking, but were unprepared for what the series demanded of them to do. 

Update: 9:27 PM PST

  • Dennis O’Hare avoids questions about his large “appendage” from this season.
  • Dennis instead decides to focus on the strong that he was given. He particularly had a challenging time pulling it off when acting with Chiklis. 

Update: 9:29 PM PST

  • Finn Whittrock feels strange that he killed the most people in the season. 
  • He had to be naked in a tub of fake blood. He cracks up about the scene. 

Update: 9:31 PM PST

  • The cast applauds the amazing efforts of John Carroll Lynch. 
  • Evan Peters wasn’t afraid of Twisty because Lynch was such a nice guy
  • Michael Chiklis had a funny first meeting with Lynch, who was covered in sweat. 


Update: 9:32 PM PST

  • Jessica Lange didn’t really learn how to throw knives. The rest of the cast cowers in fear of her ever trying to.

Update: 9:33 PM PST

  • Bates and Lange avoid talking about Bate’s death scene. The scene was frustrating to shoot. 

Update: 9:35 PM PST

  • Paulson talks about the challenge of playing “two” characters during a sex scene. She had an awkward time.


Update: 9:37 PM PST

  • Lange is asked if this was her last season. It becomes awkard.
  • It seems like Lange is giving a farewell to the series, but she definitely has a secret.
  • A moment later, Lange teases that she might be coming back. The cast keeps a lid on her. 

Update 9:40 PM PST

  • Finally, Lange reveals that it was her LAST SEASON. 

Update 9:41 PM PST

  • Bomer joins the panel on stage as a surprise. 


  • Matt Bomer teases that his season 5 character may have a relationship with Lady Gaga’s. 
  • “Her name is Stephanie. I don’t know if I call her Gaga” – Bomer
  • Bomer reveals that season 1 was his favorite. 

Update 9:46 PM PST

  • Glee star CHEYENNE JACKSON is revealed as another actor in season 5.
  • Jackson comes on stage and joins the cast. 
  • He says that he knows nothing about his upcoming character. 


Update 9:47 PM PST

  • An audience member asks if future seasons will connect characters together. The are definitely open to it. 
  • Audience Question: Biggest Fears. Chiklis says “being suffocated”


Update 9:50 PM PST

  • Jessica Lange is asked if acting with Lady Gaga will convince her to stay. She puts the question off. 

Update 9:51 PM PST

  • Kathy Bates’ deleted song from season 4 will appear on the dvd. 

Update 9:53 PM PST

  • The location of season 5 will still remain a mystery. 
  • “I’m tough, but I’m no cookie” was Sarah Paulson’s favorite line. 
  • An audience member professes their love for Jessica Lange. She professes hers back. 

Update 9:57 PM PST

  • A fan gives a written letter to Jessica Lange. 
  • An audience member freaks out that their face is on the big screen when asking a question. 



Update: 10:01 PM PST

  • Paulson watched videos of conjoined twins and practiced their physicality. 
  • Questions: Favorite characters played: Evan Peters says “Jimmy Darling”. Sarah Paulson says “Lana Winter”.

Update: 10:04 PM PST

  • Fans gather near the stage as the panel comes to an end. That’s a wrap on PaleyFest 2015!



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