PaleyFest 2015: Our Liveblog Coverage of the Teen Wolf Panel




Wednesday, March 11th (7:00pm)

Moderator: Jarett Wieselman (BuzzFeed)

Panelists: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Arden Cho, Crystal Reed, Jeff Davis (EP)




Tonight is the Teen Wolf panel.  We’ll be bringing you all the up-to-the minute action as the panel gets under way!

The panel begins at 7:25PM PST so stayed tuned!


  • Audience members were treated to a sizzle reel before the panel started.
  • BuzzFeed’s Jarett Wieselman’s is moderating the night’s panel.  He reminds the audience that Teen Wolf started as a cheesy 80s movie that EVERYONE should rent as soon as they can.
  • Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey received boyband levels of screams as they take the stage.  Jeff Davis receives decidedly less enthusiastic screams.
  • Tyler Hoechlin is noticeably absent from the group as, well, he’s no longer a cast member. BuzzFeed broke the news this afternoon, just hours before the panel began.
  • Wieselman wants to take the discussion back to the beginning, asking Davis about the movie.  Davis just wanted to “rip off the Lost Boys.”
  • Posey fell in love with the show because he was auditioning for the lead. Says, “It’s everything I ever wanted.”
  • Crystal Reed was the first woman to audition for the role of Allison. Davis says that the chemistry test between Posey and Reed was the best they had.  Davis conveniently forgets previous stories about how long it took to pull the cast together.
  • Davis on how the actors affect the arc of their characters. “That’s the ’s to bring it to life.”
  • O’Brien originally auditioned for Scott, but fell in love with Stiles.  “He doesn’t care what a single person thinks. He doesn’t filter through anything.”

Tyler Posey on the Purple Carpet (c) The Paley Center


  • Roden discussing the LOST “hatch” metaphor when it comes to how Lydia has changed as character since the pilot.
  • Roden originally wanted to read for Allison, but read for Lydia after she didn’t get a call-back for Allison.
  • The cast is very careful not to completely call-out creator and EP Davis for obvious not knowing where the arc of the show was headed.
  • Davis teases that one of the big cold opens is all about Lydia.
  • Hoechlin would just hiss when it came to make the werewolf sounds during filming.
  • The panel spends longer discussing Allison’s death than the show did.  Crystal thanks Tyler Posey for being there for her during that pivotal scene.
  • Davis announces that Tyler Hoechlin is no longer a series regular. Hoechlin came to him after making an indie movie saying that he wanted to try new things.  But Davis is firm that Hoechlin will still be seen on the show and that we’ve not seen the last of Derek Hale.  Maybe.  I don’t trust it.
  • Wieselman: “The silver lining to losing characters is bringing in new characters.” Sure, but not when those characters are boring.
  • Shelley Hennig says she felt very welcomed to the cast when she first show and that her first week was Reed’s last week.

Holland Roden (c) The Paley Center


  • Davis teases what’s coming in season 5.  Says that it’s all about senior year and that it’s a season of new mysteries.  Because last season’s mysteries have been solved?
  • A refocus on Stiles and Scott’s friendship.
  • Davis on Stiles and Lydia’s Detective Agency shtick: “I like the pair of them together.” An upcoming episode will see Stiles and Lydia heading into Eichen House.
  • Holland Roden on her scenes with O’Brien: “I think we get to play more in our scenes together.”
  • Wieselman cares far more about Malia than I ever will.
  • Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey answer in union that Friends is the show they’d want their characters to crossover with.
  • The actors on their characters in one word: Tyler Posey – original.  Arden – Awkward. O’Brien – Loyal. Holland – Layered, smart, awesome
  • Jeff Davis does not understand the difference between a character needing to wear high heels vs. the hating how awful and damaging heels are.
  • The one thing Posey would change about his character is that he wants to be shirtless more often.
  • Dylan O’Brien wouldn’t change a damn thing about Stiles because he loves the character.
  • The panel has devolved into Posey chugging an entire bottle of water.


  • Davis on the upcoming season: “It’s exciting to put them in new situations. How do we make them grow? How do we challenge them?”
  • Davis admits that the writers come up with wish lists of scenes that they want to see the characters play out.  You know, instead of coming up with logical storylines.
  • Dylan’s favorite moment on the show is still the pilot.  Even though he blacked out during the filming where he hung upside down.
  • Davis’ favorite scenes is the Stiles/Scott hug at the MRI, which Scott tells Stiles that he’ll give him the Bite if things don’t work out.  He liked it so much because the show is very much about friendships.
  • Dylan O’Brien literally left the stage for a bathroom break.
  • Posey’s favorite scenes are with O’Brien, with whom he has a great bond.
  • Davis says that the writing room still only knows the first letter of Stiles’ real name and that they’re trying to get it out of him.  Because that’s the center mystery of this series.
  • The cast sings Happy Birthday for someone.
  • Davis has no real plans to continue to pull from the source material of the Teen Wolf movie.
  • Yeah, Davis, is Danny coming back??
  • Posey says the cast doesn’t play too many pranks on each other because they have so much fun on set already.
  • In this panel’s slightly awkward moment: Charlie Carver asks a question from the audience – Can we all hang out?  The cast says yes.
  • Jeff Davis teases that Lydia may not end up with the person you think she’d end up with at first, because a romance is the only thing that really matters.
  • Posey’s favorite line on the show: “Life can’t be all good or all bad.”  Davis says that the line came from a discussion that he had with his twin brother.
  • Crystal Reed ends the panel by dropping an F bomb.
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