PaleyFest 2015: The 5 Things We Learned About The Good Wife


Paleyfest 2015 got off to a great start tonight with the Homeland Panel, and we learned a few interesting things about the new season and about the process of creating the show. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our live coverage from the event and our recap of the panel. Check out all of our PaleyFest coverage here.


1.  Alicia Could Leave Peter In The Series

Although the fait of the characters hasn’t been thought out or confirmed, Marguelies hinted that if the character of Alicia finds true love, she could be able to leave peter. Marguelies compared the relationship of the characters to that of Bill and Hillary Clinton. She said that they need each other for their goals at this point. 

2.  The Good Wife Writers Take Twitter Into Account

The panel revealed that the writers of the series have been monitoring Twitter while working on the series. This has helped them see if fans have guessed upcoming plot twists, which they have re-written to surprise fans. They have also added in elements to the to deliver on the expectations and hopes of fans because of their social media conversations regarding the series. 


3. Josh Charles May Have Left the Series Due to His Contract

When discussing the exit of Josh Charles from the series, it was mentioned that Charles had a year to year contract for the series, with him opting to bow out. Although it added unique twists and turns in the series, this was likely written with the fact that Charles was interested in leaving the series in mind. 

4. A Romance For Alicia Could Be In the Works

When asked by a fan if Alicia would be hooking up soon, the cast and crew stated that they would have to wait and see. The response came off with a hint that teased a new relationship on the horizon. The panel made it very clear that everyone involved with the show are aware that the audience thrives on the juicy relationship moments. They seemed very intent on delivering on delivering what the fans were waiting for. 

5. We Could Expect More Surprise Guests On The Show

When asked about the guest stars on the series, the creators revealed that they more ofter than not get their first choice. Christine Baranski revealed that she would love for Alan Rickman to be on the series. With that being put out there, there could be a possibility of this happening now. The stars and writers were very adamant on featuring new guest roles in the upcoming seasons.  



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