PaleyFest is underway! After kicking things off Friday night with the writers and creators of Fox’s Empire, things took a lighter (but dark) side on Saturday afternoon with the panel for .

Creators and were in attendance, alongside stars (Jimmy), (Chuck), (Kim), (Patrick), and (Nacho). Noticeably absent was (Mike… or Buzz Hickey for Community fans) who was unable to attend.

As always the panel began with a preview of the upcoming episode… which of course so fabulous and had just enough surprises I couldn’t possibly spoil it for you here! Needless to say, be sure to tune in this Monday for the episode “Rebecca”. The audience that filled the Dolby Theater definitely loved it and I’m sure you all will as well!

The downside to the fantastic episode is that they spent the second hour of the night, the panel discussions, mostly talking about that! Leaving me to have to unfortunately cut some things out so as no to ruin the fun for avid fans.

The discussion began with moderator Debra Birnbaum (Variety) asking his experiences with watching the episode for the first time tonight. Where Birnbaum and the audience may have wanted more insight into Odenkirk’s perspective, he wasn’t going to be able to give it to them as he explained “I don’t remember what I filmed ’til I see it.” Luckily though, he loves it just as much as the rest of us.

Panel for PaleyFest - Better Call Saul held on March 12, 2016 at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The topic quickly turned to the relationship between Kim and Jimmy, the heart of this second season though currently having some issues, though Odenkirk declared, “We had a scene in bed eating pie! It doesn’t get any better.” He then added, “Spoilers! Difficulties continue!”

Even though the series is still in its early seasons, fans are already worried for one of their favorite characters: Kim. The character never appeared in Breaking Bad, and viewers online have apparently assumed that means she is dead. This was news to , but she seemed confident that her fate would not be as tragic as Jimmy/Saul or ending in death.

Gilligan and Gould discussed the writing process and were praised by their cast and the audience for the transparency with which they create the show. Though Gilligan admits that is primarily easy to do since they don’t plan that far ahead. Gillian did mention that the current season finale had the “perfect, organic, opportunity” for the appearance of a big Breaking Bad character but he was talked out of doing it, fearing that it would take away from an important moment in the story. He warned fans to keep an eye out for it and that they would know both the scene and the character they had initially planned for instantly.

Check back later tonight after the Scream Queens panel, as well as the rest of this weekend for PaleyFest updates, and be sure to keep up with all the news happening just a few hours east with our coverage at SXSW!

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