PaleyFest Highlights: “Bob’s Burgers”


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shows have been having a tough time the past year as they attempt to walk the line between commentary and an encouraging future, and this theme hung over and its BOB’S BURGERS panel.

“We’re in a moment when you have to make a choice to be optimistic,” said series creator Loren Bouchard. “We made that choice with this show. The family itself is optimistic.”

Series star H. Jon Benjamin added, “It’s one of the best parts of Bob’s Burgers, that they’re in tough straights. I think that’s the heart of the show: They’re a struggling family that still sees the good in things.”

The series’ stars and creatives used the night to make a few announcements that would thrill fans. This included confirmation of a Bob’s Burgers music album due out on May 12. A month later, the cast of the show will perform individual stand-up routines, followed by a full band performing ten songs from the show, in Los Angeles. “Just one night?” series star Schaal joked. “We couldn’t sell out two?”

Seeing the encouraging from the audience, it wouldn’t be surprising if Schaal gets her wish.

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