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CBS brought out the stars of at this year’s , but the fun procedural had a sadness hanging over it due to passing of Miguel Ferrer. The panel, which included Chris O’Donnel, LL Cool J, Eric Christian Olsen, Daniel Ruah, Barrett Foa, RenneeFelice Smith, R. Scott Gemmill (executive ), and John P. Kousakis (executive ). It was moderated by Ellen K of The Ellen K Morning Show on KOST 103.5.

The group discussed the future of the series after giving fans a preview of the upcoming episode “767” which ends with Linda Hunt’s character giving a toast to LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, acknowledging the rough year they’ve had and saying it’s time to move their family forward. As much of a progression of the on-screen narrative, the moment fit in well with the panel as a symbolic goodbye to Ferrer who passed away in January.

“I called him the coolest guy of all the time,” said Cool J. “He was amazing. A lot of people don’t know he worked up until the millisecond [he died]. He came to work after chemo… he could hardly speak. He would fight through it. Until the day he died he would respond to group emails. ”

Daniela Ruah choked up discussing her own character’s arch on the show. “You don’t always have strength,” she said. “It’s ups and downs. I learned something really, really important: It’s really hard to ask for help, but it’s important.” Other cast members noted how impressed how they were with Ruah’s work.

Gemmill said that the show is now in a bit of a reset and added there’s a big cliffhanger coming this season. “Sam’s life is going to change. Kensi and Deek’s life is going to change based on the finale.”

At the end of a somber night, the group seemed excited to keep their stories and the series moving forward.

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