Saturday night at PaleyFest was a lively affair with the cast of . Moderated by (Variety) the line-up included creator and castmembers , , , , , , and .

The talks began with cheers as Falchuk casually confirmed that everyone on stage was confirmed for season two, followed by Curtis reminding the audience (the first of several times throughout the night) that the cast knows nothing about plans and storylines, and those in attendance should be tweeting non-stop… so many of us did just that. This was followed by Falchuk creating a spur-of-the-moment pitch, describing the supposed plots of season two, in which Dean Munsch opens a hospital after deciding to tackle the country’s health care problems. Zayday would graduate and train under Munsch, Momma Denise has worked her way up through the ranks at the FBI, and of course there will be “studly hot doctors”.


Curtis later took a moment to talk about the “exodus” of from under former Governor Schwarzeneggar and how thrilled she is for the show to be moving this season to , though they did love New Orleans. Her chant for more creation in Hollywood quickly drew great applause.

While talking about the importance of secrecy in the show, Roberts blew her own cover as she recounted a story in which she left the penultimate episode at a coffee shop! Everyone on the panel gasped as they heard the story for the first time.

The cast was even unaware of the final scene until the day of shooting, as copies of the all left out the last pages of the .

Panel for PaleyFest - Scream Queens held on March 12, 2016 at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

By far, one of the sweetest moments of the night, came from two fans. The first, provided with a pair of ear muffs, her signature style from the show. The second was an uber-fan of Michele’s, who the actress quickly recognized and happily took pictures with in the middle of he Q&A portion while telling audiences the plan for her second album release at the end of this year.

If one thing was certain about this cast, it is how well they truly get along. These girls openly finished each other’s sentences, had inside jokes, wished each other well, and praised one another throughout the night. The show may have wanted viewers to be guessing “who is the killer?” throughout the season, but clearly all these fans wanted from the show and these ladies is “how much fun is hanging around this crew?” Certainly that entire audience is counting down the days until season two’s premiere.

Check back during this weekend for PaleyFest updates, and be sure to keep up with all the news happening just a few hours east with our coverage at SXSW!

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