If there was one panel I was excited to see this weekend, it was obviously going to be . I have been reviewing the show all season long for The Tracking Board, in addition to being a huge fan of executive and ’s work, so I couldn’t wait to see how the whole group would be in person.

(Entertainment Tonight) was the panel’s moderator, running things a bit differently than the other panels up to that point. Instead of beginning with a screening of the week’s upcoming episode, they began the evening by bringing out the panel for an hour-long discussion before the screening. The panel including previously mentioned executive Berlanti and Adler, as well as cast members , , , , , and . As each new person walked out, Brooks gleefully waved his arms around, acting as the panel’s hype man to keep the energy up as the audience cheered.

Aguilar dove right in asking Benoist about her flying skills, but the former Glee actress said, “It never gets any easier.” They returned to the topic again with the question of who would be the biggest clutz in a stunt or the most likely to fall, but Benoist was quick to point out that most of their stunts actually are falling.

Each cast member showed a close connection with his or her own character as they described their favorite qualities in their alter egos. Leigh in particular choked up when talking about her own two little daughters who already emulate Kara and Alex when they play at home. She added of her relationship with Benoist, “Meeting Melissa was the most powerful relationship I’ve felt from an artistic standpoint. She’s one of the most genuine people.”

The audience, made up of families and girls of all ages, cheered for joy at the mention of the character that made Flockhart famous: Ally McBeal. Aguilar even noted Flockhart’s now having portrayed two symbols of feminism on television as she discussed but characters asking what it means to have it all, can it be done, and do they even want it all while in two completely different stages of life. She also pointed out that Cat may feel very ‘alone’ as “everyone in her office is under twenty-five and supermodels.” Flockhart then jokingly called out Berlanti and Adler to maybe take a look at that last note in the future.


It was inevitable that the topic of love and the many triangles on the show would come up. Leigh mentioned her own jealousy at reading scenes where Maxwell Lord flirt’s with Cat Grant, while Flockhart said she believed Lord may have broken Grant’s heart in the past. For the titular hero, Benoist refused to choose between James and Winn, so big sister Leigh declared, “I love ’em, but they’re not good enough her.”

Berlanti would not give many details on the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover event, but did say the multiverse previously seen on The Flash would be the way into it. He also said Italia Ricci, who plays Siobhan/Silver Banshee, has a storyline that crescendoes at the crossover event.

As questions turned to the fans, they continuously pitted the casts of The Flash and Supergirl against one another, whether it was who would win in a sing-off or which cast Berlanti preferred. Brooks and Harewood even playfully stormed off the stage at the mention of a new competition with the CW’s crew.

The young fans, dressed up for the event in their Supergirl tees and costumes, stole the show during the Q & A portion. Particularly one little girl in costume whom lifted on stage so everyone could see how great she looks and another who asked if they could be friends, to which the actress happily agreed.

The panel quickly came to an end with the usual crowd’s rushing to the stage for selfie’s and autographs from the cast, but were all forced to return to their seats so the screening could begin and the cast slipped out the side. It was an odd end, upsetting more than a few who made their disappointment known as they groaned loudly, but as the episode began everyone calmed. The episode “Fallen” airs Monday, March 14th on CBS and is absolutely fantastic. A great way to end the first weekend of PaleyFest.

That does it for this weekend’s PaleyFest updates. Be sure to keep up with all the news happening just a few hours east with our coverage at SXSW!

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  1. Do you know why they switched things up and did the panel first and the airing of the episode second? It was very awkward and made for a somewhat subdued audience compared to other panels. One person in the crowd mentioned she had heard of a terrorist threat made on the event and somehow that explained that switch. Any insight?

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