Paramount & Paul Feig Team Up For “Supermodel Snowpocalypse”



is teaming up with Ghostbusters director to develop the true story of SUPERMODEL SNOWPOCALYPSE. The film is an adaptation of an Elle article by Mickey Rapkin. Feig is attached to produce with Feigco partner Jessie Henderson. He will not direct.

The story follows a group of Americans who to Chile for a lavish fur-themed photoshoot. The group was made up of two sisters, the older’s photographer boyfriend, advertising , and a group of models (including Jerry Hall and Maria Hanson). A snow storm hit soon after the group arrived at a mountain ski resort, stranding the group for a week with no working and the only way in or out of hotel was through second floor windows. Initially, the group turned the resort into their own Studio 54, with the other Brazilian and Argentinian patrons, but they turned restless and hatched a plan to escape back to civilization.

Dan Magnante will oversee the project for Feigco alongside Paramount’s Alana Mayo.

Feig and his banner have become the go-to people for female-centric comedies over the past few years, starting with his first collaboration with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy when he directed Bridesmaids and more recently with the new Ghostbusters.

Feig is repped by and .


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