Patrick Rothfuss And Lionsgate Work Out Multi-Platform Deal For “The Kingkiller Chronicles”


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THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLES is back in in an amazingly big way. has made a multi-platform deal with author that will tell the full of Kvothe through films, series, and video games. This exciting news has far reaching implications not just for Rothfuss fans, but also for any fan of a popular book series that is primed to make the jump to the big screen.

The book series, which consists of two novels and a novella (with the final novel in the works) tells the of Kvothe, a legendary musician, actor, magician and warrior who has gone into hiding as a tavern keeper. When a famous scribe discovers him, Kvothe agrees to tell his life over the course of three days. The first two days have been recounted in The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

Rothfuss announced on his website today that after the rights reverted back to him from Fox, he spent most of San Diego Comic-Con in with prospective studios. The main worry of his was that, “…there was no way you could turn The Name of the Wind into a movie. I explained it rather, well… emphatically for, like, 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure that’s fairly high on the list of things you’re not supposed to do in a meeting with someone who wants to turn your book into a movie.”

The result of this media impasse was surprisingly productive, as proved to be open to letting Kvothe’s play out in the most complete way possible; meaning that the characters that fans have grown to love will get the appropriate amount of screentime and tangential storylines throughout a movie series, a tv show, and a video game series. The news is big for both fans and . Developing characters through procedural storylines on a series gets the exposition that can bog down a film out of the way, leaving just the lean to play out on film, while video games can supplant the long training that Kvothe goes through during his youth in a modified RPG. All of this also means more sales opportunities for , and more content for fans of the books.

Rothfuss was almost giddy in his blog stating, “I never expected a would treat me like a human being. But through this whole process, has treated me with amazing respect. I’ve made what to me seem like reasonable requests, and they responded to them… reasonably. And I’m not just talking about pretty words here, they’re making contractual agreements granting me control of things. They haven’t just been reasonable, they’ve been kind, and understanding.”


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