Peter Chelsom To Helm “The Mirror Thief” Adaptation



Award-winning novel THE MIRROR THIEF by Martin Seay is getting a big-screen treatment with set to direct the adaptation, which he will write with . John Albanis optioned the novel and will produce.

The Mirror Thief follows the interweaving narratives of three driven men all connected by a mysterious book. The core story is set in Venice in the sixteenth century, when the famed makers of Venetian glass were perfecting one of the old world’s most wondrous inventions: the mirror. An object of glittering yet fearful fascinationwas it reflecting simple reality, or something more spiritually revealing?the Venetian mirrors were state of the art technology, and subject to industrial espionage by desirous sultans and royals world-wide. But for any of the team to leave the island was a crime punishable by death. One man, howevera world-weary war hero with nothing to losehas a scheme he thinks will allow him to outwit the city’s terrifying enforcers of the edict, the ominous Council of Ten.

Meanwhile, in two other VenicesVenice Beach, California, circa 1958, and the Venice casino in Las Vegas, circa todaytwo other schemers launch similarly dangerous plans to get away with a secret.

Chelsom and Albanis previously worked together on The Space Between Us, which will be released this December. Chelsom also wrote and directed Hector And The Search For Happiness, Serendipity, and Hear My Song.

Chelsom is repped by .
Albanis is repped by .
Seay is repped by on behalf of .


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