Peter Dinklage Must Solve a Murder in the Sundance Sci-Fi Thriller “Rememory” (Video)


Lionsgate Premiere

The Sundance Festival didn’t offer a ton of science fiction or horror films this year compared to years past, even in the Midnight category, but one of the sci-fi films in the Premieres section was  from director Mark Palansky (Penelope).

Game of Thrones’  stars in the movie about a scientist (Martin Donovan) who invents a machine able to record and archive a person’s memories for future playback. When the machine’s inventor turns up dead, a mysterious man (Dinklage) shows up to steal the machine from the scientist’s widow (Julia Ormond) in order to discover who killed the scientist in the first place.

The movie also stars the late Anton Yelchin in one of his last roles.

Other Sundance sci-fi films of note included Charlie McDowell’s The Discovery, which streamed on shortly after its Sundance premiere, and the upcoming Marjorie Prime from Michael Almereyda, which will open in theaters this Friday.

Lionsgate Premiere will release the film on September 8, both in theaters and On Demand, but viewers will have a chance to see the movie for free on Google Play, starting on August 24.

Entertainment Weekly premiered the exclusive trailer, which you can watch below:

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