British actor has signed on for a role on , where he will play Kalinda’s estranged husband, which the series has been building up for the past year. The 45-year-old thesp is best known Stateside for his supporting gig as Master Sergeant Albert Blithe in HBO’s “Band of Brothers.” In the UK, he gained fame for his starring role in the drama series “Hustle.” has also joined the series in a recurring role.


and will play husband-and-wife in the upcoming new series THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND. The story follows the shifting balance of power in a political marriage and the consequences when a wife becomes more successful than her husband.

, , , and are set to star in , an adaptation of the novel by William Boyd. Set in 1979, the story follows a young woman (Dockery) who discovers that her mother (Rampling) is actually a Russian emigré hired by the British secret service in 1939. In flashbacks to 1939, Atwell will play the younger versoin of Rampling, chronicling how she’s hired by the secret service, meanwhile falling in love with the spymaster (Sewell). Thirty years later, the spy wants to resurface and has her daughter track down her former lover (Gambon).


Newcomer has landed a new series regular role on the comedy series . He will play Blue, a running back and the No.1 draft pick from an Ivy League school who is highly educated and often the smartest person in the room.


Thesp trio , and are set to star in the family sitcom BITS & PIECES. Written and executive produced by John D. Beck and Ron Hart (Shake It Up), Bits & Pieces tells stories of a family through vignettes rather than narrative episodic in a strategy to deconstruct the typical multi-camera sitcom structure into something that may spark with a generation accustomed to watching content in short bits online.

The lead of CRASH & BERNSTEIN, a live-action/puppet hybrid series, has been re-cast with taking on the role of Bernstein, a young man who finally gets the brother of his dreams, unfortunately it’s his puppet come to life. Jensen has appeared on “Mike & Molly” and “The Defenders.”


is set to hook up with . The actor is set to join the second season of the much talked about comedy starring Lena Dunham. Wilson will play a doctor, who becomes a potential love interest to Dunham’s character on the series, Hannah.

, , and has been cast in the hourlong pilot CASSANDRA FRENCH’S FINISHING SCHOOL FOR BOYS from Eric Garcia and “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” star Krysten Ritter. Based on the book by the same name, the show follows a young overachiever who attempts to train men to become gentleman, first by locking her latest ex (Talley) in her basement. Smith and Pivaronas will play the girl’s best friends.


, of “MadTV” and “The King of Queens,” will star opposite Jerry Trainor in the Nick at Nite pilot WENDELL & VINNIE. The comedy follows an irresponsible, grown man who suddenly becomes the guardian of his 12-year-old, genius, conservative nephew, to be played by Buddy Handelson. Sullivan will play the lead’s sister.


Shock rocker has landed a gig on the sixth season of . Not much is known about his overall arch on the series, but the singer will play himself, as Hank is forced to write a rock opera in the upcoming season.


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