“Pirates of the Caribbean” Director Joachim Rønning Helming “Here There Be Monsters”


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After directing last year’s disappointing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales for Disney, Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Rønning will return to his own material, directing a sci-fi thriller called , which he co-wrote with his brother, Andreas Rønning.

, who had a hit last year with Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, is developing and producing the film with a plot that’s being kept under wraps but is going to include water, similar to Rønning’s last two films. Before filming Pirates of the Caribbean, Rønning directed the Oscar-nominated Scandinavian film Kon-Tiki with Espen Snndberg, who also co-directed Pirates before each filmmaker went off on their own.

Rønning has already been tapped to direct the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, although there has been no forward progress on that, as well as the sequel Maleficent 2, also for Disney. Other films on the filmmaker’s plate include a movie based on Michael Crichton’s Micro, for DreamWorks, Origin for Paramount and Amnesia, the latter two co-written by brother Andreas.

Rønning clearly has plenty of options of how to proceed next, but it’s likely that Here There Be Monsters will follow Maleficent 2, which already has a script and is just waiting for Angelina Jolie to free up her time.

Meanwhile, is working on the next season of House of Cards while having success on Netflix with Ozark, starring Jason Bateman, and they’re finishing up the Peter Jackson-produced Mortal Engineers for its Dec. release by Universal.

Both Rønning Brothers are repped by , and .

The news was first reported on by The Hollywood Reporter.

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