“Pitch Perfect 3” Trailer Hints at the Last Outing for the Barden Bellas (Video)


Last call, Pitches!

The first trailer has arrived and the Barden Bellas are back — but not looking too glamorous.

Fresh from graduation, the real world is not treating the Bellas with much kindness. Flo (Chrissie Fit) is serving smoothies (with a side of white privilege) at a food cart, Chloe (Brittany Snow) is trying to become a veterinarian, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is a New York City street performer, and Beca (Anna Kendrick) quit (read: was fired from) her . However, when the Bellas reunite, they hatch a plan for one last acapella adventure: to perform at a USO concert to support the troops.

Full of hijinks, fun musical numbers, genuine laugh-out-loud moments (announcers Gail and John are back and they’re always a hoot), and a new rivalry in the form of another girl group (led by Ruby Rose) who mock the Bellas for not singing original songs, there’s a lot of promise in this first trailer. All of the Bellas are back, including Pitch Perfect 2‘s Hailee Steinfeld, and this time they’re facing more than finding the perfect song arrangement, if the action and explosion-packed sequences are anything to go by.

Pitch Perfect is one of those franchises that’s like a warm hug. The second installment may not have been as good as the first but the movies are reliably fun and full of both girl power and exciting musicality. Really, what more can you ask for?

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