Pixar’s Short Film “Piper” Is an Adorably Sweet Tale About Overcoming Fear (Things We Love)


piper 2Pixar

Pixar is a powerhouse of the animated film world. Their movies are funny, charming, beautifully crafted, and often flesh out deep human themes which can be simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. When Pixar releases a major studio film, they normally release an accompanying short film to go with it. Three of such shorts have won the Academy Award for Best Short.

When the studio released Finding Dory earlier this year they paired it with Piper, a sweet tale of a young and adorable sandpiper who must overcome fear of the ocean. Now that Finding Dory has been official released on Blu-ray and digital, Piper has made it’s way out of the theater as well. The 6-minute short is just another example of simplistic yet beautifully intricate storytelling that the creatives at Pixar continually craft.

The short was written & directed by Alan Barillo. You can watch it below.


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