“Polaroid” Trailer Features Plenty of Fun and Deadly Snapshots (Video)



Combining the trail-of-death theme of Final Destination and the you-watch-it-you-die idea from The Ring, the first trailer for POLAROID serves up some scares that aims to have you shaking like a polaroid picture.

Starring a group of actors of the CW variety, the story follows a high school loner who finds a vintage Polaroid camera that — surprise! — carries some dark and deadly secret. It takes her a while to figur it out, but she and her friends eventually discover that those who have their picture taken with it eventually meet their maker.

Like Lights Out and Mama, Polaroid follows the recent trend of horror-themed shorts turning into feature-length films. In this case, Lars Klevberg directed the short and also helms the feature. Dimension Films hopes to fill their void of a horror franchise with Polaroid and based on the trailer, there are plenty of predictable thrills and silly jump scares that the masses will eat up.

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